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Mtn Hourly Data Plan: 2023 Code & How To Activate

Mtn Hourly Data Plan

If you have been looking for how to subscribe to the MTN hourly data plan that has just been introduced in 2023 then here is what you are looking for, you will get in the new MTN code that can be used to subscribe to this particular plan or bundle. 

The previous way that people use to activate the MTN hourly bundle or data plan is different from before which is the major reason why we brought about this article. 

Most people that are fond of using this bundle or data plan that has been set aside by MTN use it to download because you can get the range of the data to be exhausted or the validity of the data should be 1 hour. 

So we are going to be sharing with you everything you need to know about this MTN hourly bundle or data plan. 

Mtn Hourly Bundle 2023

The MTN hourly data plan which can also be called MTN hourly bundle is a plan that has been set aside by MTN which is a major only used for download by most MTN customers that make use of it. 

You can get a range of data for a low and very cheap rate which you can get 2GB to 10GB for a low amount that you don’t imagine, and you just have up to 1 hour to make use of such data. 

This is why it is called MTN hourly bundle 2023 multiple that makes use of social media on their major device to be more active might not find it data plan attracts you. 

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People that vent into downloading different movies with huge amounts of data to be used to download such files always subscribe to this plan. 

And if you get an advantage in making use of these MTN hourly data plans which are affordable then here is your moment. 

We are going to be sharing with you the data volume amount you should get with specific prices that are attached to that particular data followed up with the HR validity which you need or you have to make use of such as our own to subscribe to them. 

Mtn Hourly Data Plans Available In 2023

Three major MTN hourly bundles have been set aside for people to subscribe to which include. 

  • MTN 2GB hourly bundle which can be subscribed for 200 and validity is 1 hour. 
  • And the Mtn 5GB hourly data plan with the data volume of 5 GB can be gotten for 500 and the validity is also 1 hour. 
  • Followed by the 10GB hourly bundle which can be gotten for 1,000 and the validation Period Is also 1 hour. 

You’ve not gotten some details about the MTN hourly bundle you now know different categories of the data plan follow-up with the data volume or amount of data you can get the price and valuation period of each data plan. 

Now is the time to know how you can subscribe or activate a switch data plan on your MTN line and follow up with the validation. And how you can check the data below once you subscribe to it. 

How Activate Mtn Hourly Bundle in 2023 (Subscribe) 

Internal images of two different kinds of wedges are in this section. Once you can subscribe to the MTN hourly data plan in 2023 you are in the same process and we are talking about the same thing. 

What you need is to know how you can activate the data plan on your MTN line. 

To subscribe to the bundle all you need to do is to use the MTN hourly data plan code *312# then you will need to select your preferred plan. 

Which entails from the 2GB data plan to the 10GB bundle with their respective price. 

While the validation period of each plan is 1 hour after that you will be disconnected from using such data. 

How To Subscribe To Mtn Hourly Data Using SMS

Another way that you can also use to activate the MTN hourly bundle on your line is by using SMS. 

You can just send Bundle To 312, as an SMS and you will be given a response or reply that you need to subscribe to the plan. 

How To Check Mtn Hourly Data Plan Balance 

There are different kinds of methods that you can use to check your MTN hourly bundle balance. 

The first method involves making use of the USSD code to check your balance by dialing *312*4#.

They will be provided with the results and details of your data bundle and bonuses and other alternative USSD code to check MTN data plan balance is *310# the new MTN code. 

Follow by using SMS to check your data balance which can be done by sending 2 To 323, once you send the SMS within a short time. You will get a response with full details of your data bundle balance. 

You can also log into your myMTN app once you open the app using an internet connection you will be provided with every detail of your balance from airtime to data plan and your data bonus that you have. 

You can also locate MTN’s official website and make use of childbirth to check your data bundle which involves multiple methods that are being used to check MTN’s hourly bundle. 

Other Things  To Know

Some people might find it difficult to know if they can purchase the MTN bundle multiple times. 

You can buy the hourly bundle Multiple times but if you keep on doing it you might not get a fast response from the activation process. 

Once you subscribe to the data plan at first you have 1 hour to exhaust it after you exhaust it 1 hour if you still need to wait before you can proceed to subscribe to the plan again. 

You might also find it difficult to know when the activation process of the data starts, you should have it on the back of your mind that they are located in time or periods set aside from the bundle started when you have successfully purchased the hourly bundles. 

Final Say

We would like to put a stop to this article about anything and I will even do it if you have anything or any other thing you would like to know about this particular bundle you can go ahead and use the comment section to ask your question and wait for a fast response. 

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