How To Get Mtn 9GB For N2000

Mtn 9GB for N2000

We recently made an article about the mtn 24GB for N3500 which is somehow related to the mtn 9GB data plan and data plan that we’ve also experienced in airtel in absence of free browsing cheat and tweak the best alternative ways is to be in search of getting cheap data plans which we choose in listening to them for you.


Airtel 9GB data plan for the same Price as mtn 2000 is something that we enjoy towards 2019/2020 but it seems airtel now support a more affordable data plan which you can now get airtel 5GB for N1000 and times two of that is 2000 which will give you 10GB instead of 9GB. 

Mtn 9GB For 2000

If you are an airtel user or subscriber the airtel 5GB plan for 1000 is the cheap and affordable data plan that is recommended for airtel users only but it seems sim selective that is not everywhere are eligible to make use of such data plan which whenever you try to subscribers to the plan you might get turn down if you seem to still make use of mtn then the 9GB data plan can work for you too. 

This mtn 9bg data plan is one of the affordable data plans that we’ve noticed which we feel we share with you guys. 

How To Activate Mtn 9GB For N2000

  • As we said earlier it’s related to that of Mtn 24GB data which you will need to dial the code. 
  • Dial *121# to locate the 9GB data and select data offers. 
  • Which tends to be a data offer for you data4me by mtn and if you have gone through the mtn 24GB earlier then this should not be new to you. 
  • Once you get to the page you should find the data plan if you are eligible for it because it seems not all mtn subscribers are eligible for this plan. Mtn 9GB for N2000

How To Be Eligible For Mtn 9GB For 2000

  • There are no tricks which you can use to get this data plan then to tick with mtn which entails. 
  • Buying some amount of data on a weekly basis. 
  • Make sure you always make use of your data before it’s expired. 
  • Always subscribe or do your subscription from. The mtn data offer bundle which can be done by dialing *121# and locate the offer plan.
  • Mtn 24GB Data4me
  • Your tariff plan should be on mtn pulse which can be done by following the steps here
  • Once you get to the data offer page you might not be offered the 9GB data at first which you will need to start from either mtn 1GB for 200 or Mtn 1.5GB for N300 respectively. 
  • Also Once you keep doing the plan data listed on your data offer section your data offer will be increased which will make you eligible for the mtn 9GB data followed by 24GB respectively. 
  • If you notice mtn double data offer on your sim then you might or will be eligible for this affordable data offer. 

How To Check Mtn 9GB Data Balance 

Use the general mtn data balance checker code to check your 9GB data plan which includes:

Dial *131*4# and you will be sent a popup message of your summary data balance which will appear in double data form. 

You will also receive direct SMS about the full history of your data balance respectively. 

Are you eligible for the offer? 

Let us know below and join our telegram channel to get related updates. 


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