How To Activate Mtn 500MB Daily Free Browsing 2021


You might have been hearing of the mtn 500MB free data but you don’t know how to get it or how you can go about the activation process don’t worry for we will be revealing everything you need to know about the mtn free browsing and how it’s can work for you to use it to browse all apps that are available on your device. 

People share trick on the internet as of last week which most get the data but it’s does not work for them, not to worry any more once you get the mtn 500MB free daily data then you can now know how to make it work for yourself and get things done let get going so as to know the steps and procedure to get it done.. 

Procedures On How To Activate The Mtn 500MB Daily Data

  • E-learning sites will be visited on a daily basis to get the 500MB mtn free data. 
  • The data is designed to browse any of these two sites only. 
  • Then you can have several VPN online that will help you to tunnel the VPN which will all be listed below. 

Now let’s move till the main part of getting the mtn 500MB respectively. 

How To Get Mtn 500MB Free Data Daily 2021

Nothing much is needed to be done, just visit the following site to get the free 500MB that can be gotten on a daily basis. 

Visit  schoolgate then scroll around the website for a few minutes to get the 500MB as an Sms on your device. 

You can check the data with *131*4# Once you have the data there then it’s to know how to get the data used. 

Other things you need to know is you can also visit mobileClassroom to also get the 500MB free mtn data if that one does not work for you. 

Then once you get the data then you can now use several VPNs to power up the VPN. Let’s get to the list of some VPN that can help you to use the mtn 500MB free data. 

How To Power The Mtn 500MB Free Daily Data With VPN And List Of VPN 

If recommend some of does VPN before so just follow up to get them all the first is:

  1. Toco VPN you can download it from play store or visit here to get the VPN. 

Switch to the menu option and update the VPN tweak with some amount of data. 

Then switch to the tweak section as shown below and select the mtn 500MB and select any free server available there then click on connect. 

Mtn free 500MB data on toco VPN

Remember your phone Apn that is your mtn network APN will still be the same, just turn on the data connection of the sim that has the free 500MB and connect. 

The second VPN that will work for this mtn 500MB daily free data is:

  1. TunnelTweak VPN they also offer the tunnel option for the mtn 500MB just update tweak on the apl and go-to tweak section as shown below. 
Mtn 500MB free data elearning site daily data

Select the mtn 500MB tweak and connect using the same above process to get things done. 

It will connect once you have the VPN available on your device. 

  1. Lastly you can also download Techoragon VPN lite from play store or download here and update tweak. 

Select the server and connect the VPN with your free mtn 500MB daily free data. 

Mtn 500MB daily free data power up with techoragon VPN

It’s work to confirm and test before it has been posted by VPN owners. 

You can also find several VPNs that will work for the tweak on the internet. We just provide you the little we know about it, follow up and get it done. 

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