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Mtn 2GB For 200 MSME Data How To Activate & Use

Mtn MSME Data 2GB For 200

Lately, we’ve made a publication about an article that talks more about MTN 1GB daily free browsing for South Africans, now we are here with another affordable and cheap data plan which is the MSME data plan that you can get MTN 2GB for 200 and you are going to learn how you can activate lost make use of it. 

It’s an affordable data plan that has been designed for a learning website or platform called the MSME the MTN network provider has set aside a particular that our plan for the platform to operate with but with the help of some applications you can be able to make use of it to browse every app on your phone. 

Mtn MSME 2GB For 200 Data Plan

The MTN MSME is another bundle or a new MTN data bundle that has been designed for small and medium Enterprises the full meaning of MSME is said to be micro small and medium Enterprises that can use the data to access different kinds of business content which is more or less like an e-learning data plan 2GB for 200.

MTN has made the data plan more affordable due to the website that it has been set aside for which is limited to this particular website which is designed to be assessed as MTN MSME. 

And when you can activate the data plan on your MTN 2GB for 200 he shouldn’t be able to browse any other app except the website that it is programmed with. 

The MTN MSME learning bundle can be made use of to browse other websites and other apps on your phone once you follow up on some related trips we are about to share with you below. 

This particular data plan has been set aside for people that make or bring interest to the micro small and medium Enterprises who are engaged to 64 information around the business and MTN has to do what they can do by programming a particular data plan for it which is cheap and affordable. 

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About subscribing to the data plan at once you can also subscribe which is stated that the MTN 2GB for 200 can be accumulated. 

How To Activate The Mtn 2GB For 200 MSME Data Plan

For you to activate the MSME data bundle you will need to load airtime on your MTN line 200 or more. 

Every MTN subscriber is eligible to subscribe and activate this data bundle on their line. 

Once you’ve gotten the airtime loaded then you cannot go to your phone dialler and buy the code *460*600# to get the MTN SME data plan activated. 

Mtn 2GB For 200 MSME Data

If the bundle has been activated successfully 200 should be deducted from the airtime balance which will Grant you the 2GB of data. 

What news is to learn how you can use such a data plan to browse all websites and applications on your phone without any interruption. 

How To Make Use Of Mtn MSME Data To Browse All Websites & App On Your Phone 

Once you’ve activated the Mtn 2GB MSME data plan, you will need to download a VPN, which can be gotten by clicking here

Once you click the link you will be related to Google Play Store to download and install the application. 

Then open the VPN and reload the server from the District section you should select NG|Mtn MSME Learning Bundle as shown below. 

Mtn 2GB For 200 MSME Data Plan

Once that is done it can be selected from the Direct ssh section. 

You will not need to turn on your data connection and connect to the VPN to start making use of the MTN MSME data. 

That should help you to make use of the data to browse all websites and apps on your phone without any interruption. 

Bottom Line

Do you find this data plan affordable or cheap? Let us know your thoughts about the data bundle below in the comment section. 


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  1. Please I have issues with direct SSH side it show any options even after watching the ads as requested by the app please I need assistance with it

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