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Mtn Awoof Data 2024 Get Mtn 15GB For 2000 Naira 

Mtn Awoof Data 2024 Get Mtn 15GB For 2000

Where is another MTN awoof data plan that is already knocking on your door or it has your fingertips in 2024 where you can now get MTN 15GB for 2000 a cheap and affordable data plan that has just been Unleashed for MTN subscribers. 

As the MTN awoof data plan 2024 was brought to over notice we said it’s a blessing to also bring it for you guys to notice that I’ve been looking for an affordable data plan in 2024.

You can get nothing less but MTN 15GB for 2,000 naira. This occurs due to some adjustments that have been made to tariff plans on nature network providers. 

That the recent data is made on a different Data Package or data plan allows most people to get free and affordable data plans with different offers on their major network provider. 

Mtn 15GB For N2000

This particular plan will allow you to make use of a lot of data at an affordable rate of 2000 which is something that since too good to be true Because MTN Nigeria is one of the network providers that most people take as their first Choice when selecting any internet service provider. 

Upon the adjustment of the MTN 5G network that is also available in major areas around the country, we also allow most users to get a free data plan so as to help them activate their 5G network as well as an affordable data offer. 

As we all know when we talk about data plans you should know that we have a weekly data plan, a monthly data plan, and even a daily data plan that will last for 24 hours. 

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So this particular data plan 15GB for 2,000 that we are about to share with you is a weekly plan that once you are able to activate it on your MTN line it will last you for 7 days. 

What You Need to Do To Get The Data

The requirement that you need to be able to get this particular data plan first and foremost is to be an MTN subscriber, that is you are a previous MTN customer who makes use of MTN as your network provider. 

After that, you can then proceed to look into some other requirements which include. 

  • 2,000 is needed for activation. 
  • Better on good internet connection in your area. 
  • Have an ATM card or already have an MTN MOMO account
  • You should have a valid MTN SIM that is active. 

After you’ve gotten the requirements you cannot proceed to learn how you can activate the MTN 15GB awoof data offer on your line. 

How To Activate The Mtn 15GB For 2000

Since the offer is a strength for some MTN users then the use of a bank app to activate the data plan or making use of code to activate the plan is not needed or you need to just follow the steps below. 

  1. Visit this particular page that we have provided the link here
  2. Once you get to the page you should see something relating to the MTN eshop page. 
    Mtn awoof 15GB For 2000
  3. That is the section where you will purchase the weekly data plan 15GB for 2000. 
  4. Then scroll down and find the weekly bundle and click on it. 
  5. Once you see the MTN 15GB data plan for 2000 select it. 
  6. After you make a selection on it you will be asked to provide your MTN phone number to check your eligibility status. 
  7. Once you input your phone number select the option stated as myself. 
  8. From there you will be notified if you are eligible for the offer with a congratulatory message. 
  9. And if you are not eligible you will not see a congratulatory message. 
    Mtn awoof data plan
  10. After you have or after your eligibility status has been confirmed you can now click on buy now to continue the purchase. 
  11. It is recommended to pay with your MOMO account but you can still pay with your card. 
Mtn 15GB For 2000

At this stage, you have just completed the activation of the 15GB data plan for 2,000 that is once you’ve completed the payment process. 

The process involves confirming the payment option and once your payment has been received your data should be loaded on your line that is stated to be valid for just 7 days which can be used to download, watch movies, and also perform any form of streaming. 

Bottom Line

Are you eligible for this MTN awoof data plan to 15GB? If so, share your experience with us below in the comment section and let other people know how you were able to carry out the process or complete the process. 

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