Megapersonal Mod Apk v6.0 Download Latest

Megapersonal mod apk download v1.0.48

With the tons of dating apps out there you might want to consider taking a look at Megapersonal. It’s a platform that places ads to connect people together. All you need to do is get the app downloaded, place an ad and have a date.

Megapersonal mod apk

There are lots of dating platforms out there today. At some point in life, an individual can find it difficult to meet with a soul mate. Some might be due to their personality or because they are just too busy for their personal lives.

But gone are the eras where you’re only limited to the people around you. We now live in a world where you can reach out to a lot of people from around the world. With just your smartphone, you can swiftly communicate with someone in another part of the world. So finding a soul mate in this Era shouldn’t be a problem. Unless you can’t navigate the internet world.

Megapersonal mod apk download v1.0.48

Today, we present to you one of the best platforms to go search for your soul mate. Megapersonal is a platform that lets you connect with people and fix a date. The only setback of this platform is that it is limited to a few countries. You can access the platform via their website or through their app which is available on both android and IOS devices.

Once you log into the platform, you’ll be asked for your age as this platform is only for adults 22 years and above. You’ll also be asked to select your location and you can only select from these countries: Canada, USA, Europe, and Oceania. And there are varieties of date pairs to select from; M meet M, M meet W, W meet M, W meet W, and Trans.

Megapersonal v6.0 Features

meet new people

The main purpose of the platform is to connect people in the same area looking for a partner together. All you have to do is place an ad or select a date from the available ads. The service is only limited to these countries: Canada, USA, Europe, and Oceania.

Megapersonal mod apk download v1.0.48

Any Gender available

When you get to explore the Megapersonal platform, you will notice the service is available to every gender and also to both straight and homos. Whichever is suitable to you, choose from the list.

Get in touch with your date.

Getting in touch with your date isn’t an issue on this platform. Originally, the app itself doesn’t have a chat section so you can really chat on the app. But there are other ways to communicate with your partner. You can choose from email, phone, SMS, and others.

Megapersonal mod apk download v1.0.48

Download Megapersonal mod apk v6.0

Download the mod version of Megapersonal apk from the links provided below.

Additional information

App name Megapersonal
App version V6.0
App size 32MB
Developer Mega Personal LTD.
Supported deviceAndroid v4.4 and above 

Download Here

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