Major Types of Hackers And what you should know about them


Basically has we said earlier we have three majoy types of hacker stated below :
There are three types of hackers:
1. White hat
2. Black hat
3. Gray hat.
A white hat (also known as ethical) hacker tries to breach network systems in order to help
businesses and organizations in improving their digital defenses.
A Black hat hacker,
meanwhile, accesses digital records and/or devices for malicious purposes.
Black hat refers to a hacker who breaks into a computer system or network with malicious intent.
A black hat hacker may exploit security vulnerabilities for monetary gain; to steal or destroy private data; or to alter, disrupt or shut down websites and networks.
Also a black hat hacker is a person who attempts to find computer security vulnerabilities and exploit them for personal financial gain or other malicious reasons.
A Gray hat
hacker is a combination of the first two types: he may be a white hat this time and become
a black hat in the next.
Gray hat describes a cracker (or, if you prefer, hacker) who exploits a security weakness in a computer system or product in order to bring the weakness to the attention of the owners. Unlike a black hat, a gray hat acts without malicious intent. The goal of a gray hat is to improve system and network security.
 Note: There are laws that prohibit Black hat hacking. You can get incarcerated if
you’ll try to access digital information without the owner’s permission. so it’s better to become an ethical hacker (White hat). 

Benefits of Ethical Hacking

~To protect yourself from thieves, you need to think like one.
~This principle serves as the
core of white hat hacking.
~The total number of hackers is growing each day. And these people are on a continuous
quest to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. If you will consider the
vulnerabilities that exist in machines and digital networks, you will realize the awful state
of security that people have against hackers. You need to protect your system from the bad
~To achieve this goal, you should know how to hack.

The goals of a white hat hacker are:

€:Attack a system without destroying it
Identify system vulnerabilities
€:Prove that vulnerabilities exist
€:Help in improving the security of his target.

10 of the World’s Most Famous and Best Hackers (and Their Fascinating Stories)

1.Kevin Mitnick.
2.Jonathan James.
3.Albert Gonzalez.
4.Kevin Poulsen.
5.Nasa Hacker Gary 6.McKinnon.
7.Robert Tappan Morris.
8.Loyd Blankenship.
9.Julian Assange.
Kevin Mitnick. Kevin Mitnick has become one of, if not the most, famous ethical hackers to have ever lived, and perhaps his skills and insight come from the fact that his hat has not always been white.
Think that all we can provide you with on these three stated Hackers you can go-ahead and do more findise on them to have more experience about what you want and what you would like to be that’s if you choose aspect of hacking Be safe Remember Don’t learn to hack, Hack to learn.


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