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Ludo Naira: Apk, Review,  Earn 5000 or More Playing Ludo

Ludo Naira Apk

If you’re a fan of playing Ludo online or offline then this is for you which is what they call Ludo Naira, a platform that will help you earn some money by playing Ludo with your friends. 

It doesn’t matter if you play Ludo with your friends through this platform that is called Ludo Naira you can also play with some random player on the platform which is why we came about the review. 

This ludo naira review will also lead you to the process that will help you to know how to download Ludo Naira APK that should be suitable for your device either Android or iOS related. 

About Ludo Naira

As the name implies Ludo Naira is also a platform or application that is set aside such as to how people gamble between the members playing the game called Ludo. 

They offer their service with their general application called Ludo Naira app which you can get in from the Google Play store or your phone app store designed for iPhone or iOS users. 

Particular parts of the zydeco include what you need to do before you can start earning on the app by playing Ludo.

And the kind of commission he will get once you play Ludo follows up with some other reward or bonus that is called referral reward or bonus. 

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Read this article to the end so has to know what he needs to know about the platform, how it works, how you can get access to it, and the kind of commission you will get by playing Ludo. 

How To Join And Start Earning On Ludo Naira By Play

First thing to put aside in your mind is to get the Loudon Naira up which can be done directly by clicking here.

If you click on the link you’ll be redirected either to your Play Store or app store so you have to download the app to your device. 

After that, you can now follow up with the other process which should lead you to the way on how you can end on this platform. 

How To Earn From Ludo Naira 

The major way that can make people unload a naira is by playing Ludo and referring their friends to the platform using their referral link. 

Which ones do you need to do before you can think of any to download the Ludo Naira APK from the above download provided link or just use the link here.

Don’t lead you to the day it will download the app or if you need the Ludo Naira APK directly then you can just follow the download date that will be provided below. 

After that, you cannot go ahead to open the app once it’s been installed on your device and use your email to sign up for the app. 

A Google Mail or Gmail account will be used to sign into the app automatically and you will get 25 Naira as a start-up bonus once you successfully register or sign up to do so. 

Ludo Naira Registration bonus

Then you can now start taking on Ludo games to play with the minimum stake that you can stake is 5 naira in a respective way using your registration bonus. 

Download Ludo Naira Apk

App nameLudo Naira 
TypePlay Ludo and Earn app
Download Size36MB
Version 1.0.13
DevLudo Tech LLP

Download Here

Apart from Ludo that you can play on this platform they also have a referral program which is set aside for people to anymore without even deposit any money into the platform before you can start playing ludo

How Referral Program Works 

The new denial referral program works in such a way that you get an N50 referral reward once you lose your referral link to invite your friend to the platform. 

That can be gotten once you sign up to the classroom faithfully and use your referral link to invite your friend to join the platform. You can learn how you can get your referral link below. 

How To Get Referral Link

  • You can get your Ludo Naira referral link once you sign up and you’ve successfully logged into the app. 
  • Look at the top right corner of the Earth you will see a button or icon in the form of a settings icon. 
  • Select on need then select a referral or refer a friend then you should be provided with the terms and condition alongside with a share button. 
  • Click on the share button and share with any of your friends which you can use to generate or get your load an error if I leave from there. 
Ludo Naira Referral link

How To Start Playing Ludo On Ludo Naira

Once you successfully login or sign up to the app or the platform through the app then you will be provided with numerous games or Ludo to select and start playing from. 

We need to Stake some certain amount on every game before you can start playing with your opponent. 

As it was stated earlier and the minimum money you can stake I need an IRA before you can play any game is 5 naira. 

After you have successfully stayed and started winning your game on this platform which makes you earn some money then you might be thinking of how you can withdraw. 

You don’t need to worry about that all you have to do is to follow up to the end of this article which will lead you through the process of how you can withdraw. 

How To Withdraw From Ludo Naira

Once you get to the Loudon naira dashboard look at the top of the app if you see a wallet icon restating your balance. 

Click on it which will give you the record of the amount that you can withdraw and follow up with the one that is not withdrawable. 

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal of 3 Naira and you can request for withdrawal by clicking on the withdrawal button which should prompt a page. 

The baby asked for your bank details that you will wish to use to get your money once you provide it. 

Your money should be deposited to your account within some minutes. 


Every single piece of information you get about this ludo naira review is generally for information purposes which is not all we are not in a special place to provide you with any related financial advice. 

Is left for you to know how you can interact with the app. Either you start playing or he’ll stop playing around with the app. 

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