Lions share smart contract: The full review and how to get started

Lion's share smart contract

So finally, Lions share smart contract is to be launched today!. If you are wondering what Lion’s shares is then you must have probably missed our previous article on Lion’s shares in

We hope to provide you with only the most relevant content and also keep you well informed on the best. 

So we have decided to write a more detailed review on the article here, so stay glued till the end of this article to know all about Lion’s share and if you already know what it is, keep reading there is more good news for you.

What is Lion’s share smart contract? 

Lions share smart contract is a Blockchain based Ethereum contract just like forsage and million money, that is fully decentralised making it a P2P(peer to peer) program with no Admin or moderator controlling the program. You might be wondering how it operates on its own without any Admin, that is because it was developed using the decentralised system, it cannot be altered or crashed. To know more about decentralised system click HERE!.

Now we will proceed on how the platform works below.

How lions share smart contract works

Lions share has two income matrix – L1 and L2 now each matrix consists of 16 levels each, summing up to a total of 32. 

  1. L1- this is the first stage of the program which requires you to start the contract with a one time fee of 0.04ETH (approx.-₦3700 currently) and with 3 referrals you cash starts rolling in.. For the first two referral you will earn 0.04ETH each that’s 100% rate, and the third is credited to your upline and then after the matrix reopens, and that continues till level 16.
  2. L2- now this is where teamwork comes in!, your first two referral sale here goes directly to your upline, then the next three sale is credited instantly to your wallet at 100% rate then the last one is also credited to your upline before reopening another matrix for, so the earnings keep going and you don’t need to refer in this stage.

Now apart from the above mentioned ways to earn on Lion’s share there are also other means to earn, and they are listed below. 

Means to earn On Lion Share Smart Contracts

  • System spillover 

This are free funds you receive from the system itself, you don’t necessarily need to do anything to earn from this, it will just come! 

  • Upline spillover 

This is the fund you receive directly from your upline(whoever refers you) when any of his slot is filled 

  • Team spillover

This is the funds you receive from any of your team members.

  • Overflow

This is the share of funds that you receive from your downlines(members registered under you)


Also, we have taken our time to answer some of the most relevant questions most of you are asking. 


Below are some frequently asked questions on Lions Share Smart Contracts

Is Lions share legit or scam?

Yes, Lions share is legit!, although some people tagged it as a “ponzi scheme” that does not change the fact that this platform can make you rich in no time, yes, you heard me right, RICH!. 

Besides the developer and founder has hold public meetings to discuss more about the platform and that is something most “ponzi scheme” creators would avoid.

What if the platform (Lion Share Smart Contracts) crashes?

As aforementioned the system is decentralised, even the founder and developers can never change anything about this platform it is completely peer to peer, so it can never crash, unless if the Blockchain technology itself gets crashed, Fear not!….

How fast can i earn on Lion’s share?

Do note that the platform is not a get rich quick platform, but with hard work,teamwork and persistence you will be smiling to the bank in no time.

How much can i earn in a day on Lion Share Smart Contracts ?

The amount you earn in a day depends on how much team work has been done or how many referrals you have successfully got for that day, you can’t really measure you can make.

How many referrals do i need on Lion Share Smart Contracts?

Just three referrals is okay and with teamwork, you are good to go!.

Who owns Lion’s share? 

Lion’s share is only founded and developed by James Ward and his team, but that does not make them the owner, the platform can never be owned by anyone.

Can my account be hacked on Lion Share Smart Contracts ?

Oh hell no!, you account can never be hacked the system is completely decentralised, unless of course someone has access to the 12-phrase key of your wallet. Read HERE to learn more about the safety of your wallet. 

How do i get started on Lion share? 

  • First thing to do is to get a wallet, trust wallet and metamask is highly recommended for mobile users and metamask for p.c.

Do not use any other wallet if you don’t want to lose your funds! 

  • Now you will need to fund the wallet with 0.04ETH(approx.-₦3700 currently)
  • Join our WhatsApp group and be among the early birds, we talked about teamwork and that is what we are here to offer, join now and you don’t need to worry about getting referrals, we will do the work for you. 

Lion’s share WhatsApp group 1.0..join here! 

Lions share

Now the main key to success on this platform is team work, if you decide to work alone you might really find it difficult to earn from this platform, but with team work you would have earn back in folds your invested funds in no time.

When forsage began the reg. Fee was almost the same as this one, but now forsage reg. Fee is closing up to 10k, so i suggest you grab this opportunity while you still can, don’t procrastinate or belittle this fresh program,it may change your life forever. besides the early bird gets the grain, just in case.


Don’t forget to join our telegram channel here! 


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