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Latest Method To Accumulate Mtn Night Plan Upto 2GB 2022

Latest mtn night plan

Mtn night plan has been something that is saving most people from getting their movies downloaded at night just because of the data cheap rate at night and to save them from high data plan subscription rates. There is now a new method that you can now use to accumulate more mtn night data bundles which are about to share with you guys. 

There have also been some important updates that have been attached to this mtn night plan which entails that the night plan now starts in usage from 11 pm Instead of 12 am and stop at 6 pm instead of 5 am which is a great update for latest mtn night data plan users that will have enough time to download more app and movie which they are willing to download with the data plan. 

Requirements Needed To Get Your Mtn Night Plan Accumulated 

  • Make sure you are on mtn pulse.
  • Migrate to the tariff plan if you are not on it.
  • It’s compulsory to be on mtn pulse before you can be able to purchase a night plan.
  • Click here to know how to migrate to the plan and know more about the plan.
  • Make sure you have airtime on your line that will be used for the subscription.
  • Airtime up to mtn N200 is recommended to be available on your mtn line.
  • Get your android or iOS devices ready to take off for download. 

Remember you will have to know how to subscribe to mtn night plan before you can be able to proceed to the accumulation process let pick it one after the other. 

How To Subscribe To Mtn Night Plan 2022

  1. Dial the code to subscribe to mtn night plan *406#.
  2. Then select the option named night bundle plan or night bundle.
    mtn night plan 2020
  3. After that, you will be provided with some options which entail.
  4. The first one Mtn 250MB for N25 And Mtn 500MB for N50.
    Latest mtn night plan 2021
  5. Both can be used and night from 11 pm to 6 am as we said earlier.
  6. Select your choice and subscribe to the night plan. 

How To Accumulate Mtn Night Plan 2022

After you have subscribed to the mtn Night plan the next thing is to have up to 200 or 150 airtime available on your mtn line. 

  • you have finished your first subscription plan to the night plan.
  • Go back and follow some process again to subscribe to the plan.
  • Either the 250MB plan or 500MB.
  • both subscriptions can be repeated three consecutive times.
  • Which when you select the first one you will be able to do that two times more.
  • And the second one too as follows.
  • The first one will give you data mtn night usage of 1.5GB.
  • And the other one will be equivalent to 2GB respectively. 

That just the easy and straightforward way to get your mtn night data plan accumulated. 

How many MB or GB were you able to accumulate? 

Lets us know via the comments section and join our telegram channel for fast updates 

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