Latest Mtn Data Offers Mtn Offers For 2020 (1GB For 200)

Mtn 1.5GB

Mtn have been blessed with different kinds of offers for some days now which lead to these posts. Mtn now has another way of granting their subscribers or customers offer now which is called Mtn Data offer 4Me which gets these done in simple ways. 


These offers range from how you are activated on their server if you are one of the lucky one you will get cheap as in very cheap data rate on the offers that was newly established my mtn. 


We call these new ways to get cheat data rate from mtn which is one of our major priorities to bring cheap and free browsing to you which we will gather all we get to get things done yea continue to stick with us keep supporting and sharing us join our telegram channel for more updates. 


Let see how these offer mtn offer 4Me range 


Data Range of Mtn Data Offers 4Me


  • These offer or data plan offer range from 750MB for just 100
  • Also available on 1GB for just 200
  • Or 1.5GB for just 200 too

Has we said earlier how you are active with your line or if you are lucky buh these offers are quite available for everybody that makes use of mtn or an mtn subscriber. 


How To Activate Mtn Data Offers 4Me 


  1. Just Dial *121# on your phone
  2. Then select 3 you will be switched to the data offer deals available in your line.
  3. Select anyone you will like to go for That’s all

You can now start browsing but make sure you have the appropriate balance on your line
before you go for the subscription. 


Although these offers were just invited these months of recent 02 2020 February. 


Mtn is really doing great and they are of not comparable to their competitors which is great. 


To see more related posts and be fully updated on our browsing cheat just join our telegram channel and
stay covered. 



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