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Latest method On how to share airtime on airtel

how to share airtime on airtel

There are several ways which you can use to transfer airtime on airtel but this method is the latest method on how to share airtime on airtel which was just revealed by the network provider themselves and we also feel to bring up the update to you as we always do. 

As of last two weeks or a week ago we also treat related topics on which you can get your airtime purchase, transfer of airtime, transferring of airtime, and more you can check out the full guide from the list but this method is quite different. 

Airtel network just did as we said earlier on their page. 

According To Airtel Network Provider 

Caring sometimes is as simple as sharing your airtime.
Dial *432# to get started.

— Airtel Nigeria (@AirtelNigeria) May 24, 2020

So as you see it seems you already know where we are going but we still chose to break it down for you so that you can know ways and what to do on how to share airtime on airtel. 

How to share airtime on airtel from Airtel to airtel network 

You can also transfer airtime to other network providers like Mtn, Glo, and 9mobile provided on airtel network provider use the following code. 

  1. Dial this code *432# to share airtime on airtime.
  2. Then select option one (1) which entails Airtel to Airtel airtime share.
    how to share airtime on airtel in 2020
  3. Then you will be asked to provide the airtel number on the placeholder.
  4. Follow by the amount of airtime you want to share
  5. And lastly your transfer pin or share airtime pin.
  6. After you hit the send button the airtime will be sent to the beneficiary specifying a successful message that will be sent to you that the amount of data you request to send has been sent successfully. 

I made mention of something like a transfer pin, yes it seems some people don’t know how to get such a pin so I would like to tell you or to know how to get your share n sell pin or transfer pin so that you can know how to share airtime on airtel.

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How to get your transfer pin for airtel airtime sharing 

  1. Dial the same code *432# to get your pin or transfer pin.
  2. Then you select option 4 which entails pin. Management.
    how to chanege pin when i want share airtime on airtel
  3. Now go for the options change pin.


    Note:If you don’t have the pin before then your pin is still set as default pin but if you do and you forget by then you can select the option for forgot pin but we have to get our pin for now.

  4. After you have selected the change pin option what else is to input the default pin.
  5. The default pin is said to be “1234” input and send.
  6. Now you have to provide the main pin which you will like to use for your airtime transfer pin.
  7. Input it, and it must be a four-digit pin (4) example  “2332”.
  8. Input it again respectively, then send you a successful get and set your transfer pin. 

So that is what you will be making use of whenever you are asked to provide a transfer pin or airtime transfer pin. Now we will like to talk about airtime transfer from an Airtel network to others. 

How to share airtime on airtel from airtel to another network

  1. Dial the following code *432# then select option 2.
  2. Option two which entails airtel to other networks.
  3. Then you will be provided with a temporary notification as shown below :
    Latest method On how to share airtime on airtel
  4. Stating that the server for sharing airtime from airtel to other network providers it’s not yet available but it will be soon. 

So whenever you get any Info either from our update or view airtel page that you can now send or share airtime to other network providers you can then make use of this method to share airtime on airtel network providers. 

Yep I think I will make a full stop here, by now you should now know the full process on how to share airtime on airtel,  which is also the latest method on how to share airtime on airtel.

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