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Latest 9mobile 0.0k Free browsing using Http injector

9mobile 0.0k

Yes today is A new day which bring us about new tweak on how you can browse with 9mobile 0.0k on your 9mobile network.

after you might have go through through these post you might say at your own conclusion that these cheat it not 0.0k due to little amount you might put or sub for before it work Am right or not?

Never the less we still call it 0.0k because in aspect where by you use just not less then N300 to Sub and make use of 10GB approximately for a week is 0.0k to Us not to talk much let proceed to what bring us about these post.   

9mobile 0.0kb free browsing Cheat With Http Injector

  we just got a special package for you, our late know Http injector is back alive with 9mobile 2GB .ehi file per day.

Requirements Needed for The 9mobile 0.0k Browsing

 All you have to do is to download the .Ehi file view our telegram channel or by clicking here  

Then  subscribe for a social media pack of 150 weekly or 350 monthly and you power it with our http .ehi file which Make you to browse with the plan at 2gb daily.  

Precautions To Set Your 9mobile 0.0k

  1.You Just have to import the file to your Http injector

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  2.Subscribe for either social plan weekly or monthly to enjoy the 2gb daily.

Note: To Subscribe to 9mobile smart social park you just have to dial *200#

3.Click on 3 buy data locate smart pack, then locate social subscribe for one week or month if you sub one week the config file will stop after your plan expired so pick a month

  >Get the http injector from playstore or straight forward  by clicking Here and import the config file provided.    >.connect and enjoy free browsing for 1 month. 

It’s work for you or not let know view the comments box Thanks.

These Cheat Still Works? ( 9mobile 0.0k using Http injector )

Although these cheat don’t function again but there is an alternative for it which is 9mobile 2.5GB On social me pak plan which is valid for 30days and it still with the power of using Http injector VPN to per the plan with some config files check it out here 

Post Edited ON: 15/12/2019

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