How To Earn Upto 20,000 Monthly From Kuda


Kuda referral is back again. Although these offers are not available on the platform before it seems they are running some promotions on their platform which makes them bring these offers to us from kuda you can now earn free on kuda ways to make these happen will be explained below follow up. 

Kuda is an app related just like opay for does if you don’t know about it before we will discuss some brief details about it soon. But note that our main aim on the app is to know how to make money from it monthly and likely weekly indeed let’s just say weekly, let go by knowing
what kuda platform and what we can use the app to do.  Opera news Hub

What Is Kuda? 

Kuda is a platform where you can save your money, make bills related online, and transfer money to any bank in Nigeria without any charges although the app is safe, the operate just like our noble opay platform which will make use of too. Opera news Hub

Kuda has related features just like opay was designed and established by an opera company to make some transactions online on the money aspect. 

Having known what the kuda app is all about now lets me know how you can make money from it on a daily basis. 

How To Earn From Kuda

You can earn from kuda simply by making use of their platform to run some transactions online and earn free N1000 from kuda too if you refer anybody to the app or platform but there are some things to be done before you can get this N1000 to the app view the person you refer to. 

How To Earn Free 1000 From Kuda

  1. Firstly All you have to do is to download the app (kuda app).
  2. Get it downloaded from here
  3. After successful download and installation to your device.
  4. Open the app and start running the registration with the app.
  5. By providing the information that will be asked from the app.
  6. SNAP A selfie with an app, and provide your  BVN ( Bank Verification Number) follow by a valid id (driver’s license, Identity card, NIN are recommended valid cards to be used.
  7.  Don’t worry the app is safe. It is a secure platform. They won’t temper your details.
  8. Provide them anything they ask for Use these code RqXUHQxv as your referral code if you want to earn from kuda, For it is mandatory. 
  9. After successful registration now deposits money to the app, With Just a minimum amount of N500.
  10. Now you should use the 500 you just deposit to purchase airtime.
  11. Then Boom you can now start earning too from people you refer to.
  12. You and the person you invite to the platform will earn yourself free 1000 once every step are taken as stated.
  13. Make sure you tell the people you are referring to the platform too to follow the same steps or refer them to these posts.

What You Need To Know About Kuda Latest Referral Program

Share #2000 equally with a friend
Get #1000 when a friend signs up with your Kuda referral code, adds a BVN and a valid ID, and buys N500 airtime. Your friend also gets N1000!

 Do you all know we don’t deal with fake money? Make a platform alitech ghat you will 100% well review and safe platform to make money online. 

Check out some payment proof below. 

How To Copy Refer Code From Kuda App

  • Just open the app slide to more option
  • You will be provided with different kinds of options there.
  • Select the one of Referrals there
  • From there you can copy your refer code and share it with your friends.
  • Get the download link by sharing the app on any social media.

How To Withdraw From Kuda App

You can make your withdrawal to any of your Nigeria bank accounts anytime you wish to withdraw on the kuda app, just keep referring your friends and earn more from kuda, don’t think twice N1000 per refer is not a joke image how much you make If you refer to 10 people. 

Stay tuned for more related posts on the Alitech blog and telegram most recommended we update our viewers there firstly so try to be a member of our telegram channel too.

If you have any questions, state them by using the comments section. 


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