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Jobirra Income Program Review: Real Or Scam

jobirra review: legit or scam

One of the most trending platform as at now is the jobirra income program. Today i will give the full details of the site works. Not only that i will tell some hidden fact about it.

On the 25th of march 2020 a friend of mine shared this link with me asking me to please help her register so that she can get credited on her wallet. Immediately i saw this link i burst into laughter. Do you want to know why?

Since have been fucked up by the Nigeria News Update forum popularly known as NNU i no longer have interest in any online refer and get paid program. This platform was created by a popular scammer called Paul samson. If you are NNU regular customer you should know him very well with his useless bears.

Is Jobirra Legit or Scam

According to the description of the website they promise to pay 500 hundred naira per referral. But the real fact is that Jobirra Income Program is scam or fake  Use any word you know to modify it all i know is jobirra income program is not real.

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Full review

Jobirra is a website created for answering and publishing of question. As at now their statistics are

201,928 members. 153,848 questions. 435,214 answers.

This is for you to know that 153,848 users are already wasting their time with aim of getting paid. Am sure many people are currently registering now because it now going viral especially students.

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After i visited their website I saw they promised to pay people from the money generated on ads. If you check the website very well you won’t see any traces of ads. For the sake of those who don’t know what they call ads click the link below.

How Google AdSense Works

They are only looking for a means of traffic.

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Reasons why you should not participate in it.

Wasting of Data: don’t just use data you purchase with your hard earned money to visit a site with no benefit.

Instead of that visit website like Punch, vanguard, etc and get latest news there.

Time wastage: some prefer spending a whole day sharing fake links to people instead of doing something good. Please don’t forget time wait for no man. Utilize any positive opportunity you have rather than visit website that won’t add values to your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to login to jobirra com

Answer: Open a good web browser like chrome and type www. jobirra. com. That’s all.

In conclusion jobirra income program is not a money making program. However, not all income website are fake but this one is a time wasting program with no benefit. A word is enough for the wise.

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