How To Speed Up Your Chrome Browser (An Easy Fix Guide)

How To Speed Up Your Chrome Browser

Most people don’t know how to speed up their Chrome browser when it begins to lag and slow down. There’s actually an easy fix to quickly speed up your Chrome browser and it is totally hassle-free. Although some people might not want to opt-in for this fix it is totally worth it. You should consider trying it out. You sure will see the difference. In the below guide, we’ll be putting you guys through what to do when your chrome browser begins to lag or slow down.

How To speed up your chrome browser

As well known, Chrome is mostly the default browser for most Android phones these days. It is very likely when you purchase a new android device, Chrome comes pre-installed in it. And most of the time it is the default browser of the Android device. Even though some people don’t subscribe to using Chrome as a browser. We would recommend it at any time to anyone. To me, Chrome is the best browser for an android device. Owned by Google, you should know that the browser will be packed with some exclusive features and more security functions compared to other browsers. It also has this smoothness while operating as it is well optimized for any android device by Google.

When you start using your Chrome browser, you enjoy the swiftness and smoothness of the app to the fullest. But as time passes and you’ve used your Chrome browser countless times it begins to lag. This is relatable to all Android devices regardless of the built and hardware. This is because Chrome saves cache and data anytime you visit a site, this is to ensure the swiftness you experience while surfing. Now, when those caches and data have consumed much space, they tend to make the browser lag. Now there’s an easy fix to this and that is to clear the cache and data of the chrome browser. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to clear cache and data on a Chrome browser.

How To speed up your chrome browser: step-by-step guide.

Follow the below steps to quickly clear up cache and data on your Chrome browser whenever it starts to lag or slow down.

  • First step is to open up your Chrome browser on your android device.
  • Then tap on the three dots at the top right corner of your browser.
  • Now, locate “History” and tap on it.
  • Now find the “Clear browsing history” and also tap on it.
  • At the “Time Range” section, select “All time“.
  • Also ensure that the the boxes for “Browsing History“, “Cookies and site data“, and “Cached images and files” are ticked.
  • Then tap on “Clear data” at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • After the data has been cleared successfully, you should notice some difference in your browser.


when you clear your browser cache, data, and history. Some of your saved passwords may be deleted as well when the password is not backed up. Ensure your browser are synced across all devices to avoid losing your passwords and make sure to back them up too before clearing data and history.

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