How To Share Mtn Data Upto 1GB In 2021 Mtn New Data Share Method


Mtn data share or mtn data share n sell offer was turn off for some period of time which was later brought up but with some term attached to the recent version mtn data share like you can be able to share maximum amount of mtn data 500MB and minimum of just 50MB which people still love to share more than that. In this article we will be discussing how to share mtn data 1GB rate amount of data on a daily basis in 2021 so read the article to the end. 

What’s brought of this article manly is maximum or amount of data that you can be able to share on mtn which does not suit some customers so we are going to lay down new trick to you’ll that will allow you to share more then the maximum amount of data which mtn provide for their customers. 

How To Share Data On Mtn 2021

If you don’t know how you can share data on mtn then follow below steps to know how to share data on mtn in 2021.

How To Share Mtn Data 1GB in 2021
  • Go to your phone and dial the code *131#
  • From there look around and select the option tag as data gift and not data share. 
  • After that you will be provided with an option that you can use to give or share data. 
  • Which some entails send from your data balance that entails data sharing. 
  • Some other option is purchase for friends and more. 
  • We focus on the first option tag as transfer from balance, select the option and proceed. 
  • From there you will be provided with the amount of data you can share from your data balance. 
  • Which tends from 50MB to 500MB which you can select from the maximum and minimum then share with your friend using our own phone number. 
How to share data on mtn 2021

That is just the recent method you can use to share mtn data in 2021 which we also called mtn data share n sell method. 

But there are still some things you should know like what will help you to share 1GB mtn data or even more if possible but note something down before we proceed. 

What You Need To Know About The Mtn Data Share n Sell In 2021

  • There is a limit of data which you can be able to share with your friend on your mtn line. 
  • It does not require code before you can be able to share your data just like normal mtn airtime share n sell. 
  • You can only share data twice a day which is the mtn data share n sell service has a daily limit.
  • Users can still share the Maximum mtn data share list twice which is 500MB twice that will give you 1GB. 
  • Always be cautious with your phone for someone can share out data without your notice due to absence of the share n sell code. 

I think you’ve grap something new or know about what we want to offer you. If not then keep reading to the end. 

How To Share Mtn 1GB Data Using The Mtn Data Share n Sell Service In 2021 

Now should use the same procedures above to locate the data transfer so as to be able to share data from your data balance. 

From there select the data list 500MB which you can also see some other data that you can share too. 

50MB,  100MB and 200MB are also part of the mtn data that you can share. 

But share the 500MB first once you do so, do it again which will. Make it 1GB

Just like that you have successfully shared 1GB of data to your friend through the latest mtn data share n sell. 

If you have anything else to add to this post state it in the comment section and also stay tune on our telegram channel for related updates. 


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