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How To Share Glo Data Or Glo Share Data In 2023

Data Share On Glo 2020 glo data share

Glo has been working on their server for quite a long time which makes them add easier ways to access their features which include transferring data balance to other Glo customers.

Sharing data balance rather seem an impossible thing to do a few years back, but service providers have all decided to provide a means for their users to easily transfer data balance to each other. So in this article, we will be focusing on how to transfer data balance on glo network. With these methods, you can easily do a glo-to-glo data balance transfer.

It was impossible actually share data balance at all before, but with the newly introduced method, we can at least share data with to same network users. So In this articles, I will share with you new ways that glo has just introduced on how to share data or transfer data on your glo to other glo users. 

Undo is quite similar to the same way of sharing data before but there is a different slaughter on it. Let’s check it out. 

How to Share Data On Glo In 2023

  1. Goto your phone and dial *777#
  2. Which will provide you with some options for selection.
  3. Select option one 1 for buying a data plan (Buy Data plan).
  4. Option which will list other sub options like Buy Data plan, Blackberry, Gift Data plan, Share Data plan, Check Data Balance, Manage data plan and More.
  5. Select option four 4 which is our main target.
  6. You will be provided with another menu option ( Share and Unshare data).
  7. Select First One to Share data and where by other data to unshare data.
  8. Any one you select input the recipient number or your friend you will like to share data with.
  9. Make sure the number is correct.
  10. Send the number and Boom you have successful share data with your friend or love once.

What did you think these options were quite easy then the old method or not? 

You can check out how to share data on glo Old method view here

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