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How To Send HD Photos in WhatsApp 2023 On iPhone & Android (High Quality Photos) 

How To Send HD Photos in WhatsApp 2023

You might have come across some latest WhatsApp features that view images or phones with High quality tags as HD and you don’t know how you can go about it, worry no more cause on this post we will be talking about how to send HD photos in WhatsApp 2023 on android & iPhone (iOS) devices. 

This feature is one of the latest WhatsApp amazing features (HD photos) high-quality image sending features which Whatsapp is now rolling out. 

Once you have time to send any photos or images on WhatsApp you cannot be prompted to either send the photo in HD High resolution quality or low standard resolution quality with the latest updated features. 

About WhatsApp Photos In HD (Android & iOS)

There is a new feature that people that are making use of WhatsApp for iOS and WhatsApp for Android that can be gotten from the Google Play store by sending HD photos

Which is designed to improve the user experience of people sending photos on WhatsApp both on any related devices. 

According to some information that we gather about these features, there have been two people already in specific, most people that make use of WhatsApp beta for iPhone the updated version, and WhatsApp beta for Android in Tally with the updated latest version. 

These features will allow you to specify how you want your photos to be sent to anyone either via direct message or in group chat which is a better file with the HD tag as seen below. 

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To get this, all you need to do is to update your WhatsApp on Google Play store or app store then you’ll be offered an optional button as HD when you want to send a photo on WhatsApp

If you are a WhatsApp beta tester on iOS or Android you should see this update already available on your WhatsApp. 

How To Send HD Photos On WhatsApp 2023

Which new features will change in experience from standard quality photo to HD or I resolution quality photo to be sent to anyone. 

This is one of the best features that will allow you to send the original quality of any photo or images you wish to send without WhatsApp compressing it. 

This latest update that WhatsApp has been rolling out is one of the impressive and amazing features of his sending of images. 

You will need to select the HD option before you can share a new photo so as to improve the quality of the photo you want to send. 

In general, before this update, all features were introduced. If people wish to send any image in college, if they send us documents and WhatsApp with you don’t mean to go about that stress again with the latest features. 

After you try to send any image and you select the high quality option and Mark high-quality photo then you should see it as HD with a bubble or dark beside the photo. 

This brings understanding and lets the people that wish to download the photo that it is provided in HD high-quality display resolution photo. 

Engineer I used to wish to know how you can get this done then follow up to the end of this article. 

How To Send HD High Quality Photos On WhatsApp 2023

The latest method that we are about to share with you on how to send High quality HD photos on WhatsApp is the 2023 method which is why it is that way. 

So follow the steps we are about to share with you below. 

  1. You can get it done if the feature has been rolled out to your WhatsApp. 
  2. Select the camera icon you see on my chat or group chat that can be used to send photos on WhatsApp. 
  3. After that go to your gallery section and select the HD photo you want to send. 
  4. After you select the image before you send it, look at the top section that is filled with some options. 
  5. You should see the option provided as HD in the icon. 
    WhatsApp HD Photo quality Android & iOS
  6. Click on it then select high-quality photos from the sub option. 
  7. You will be given an option which is to send a resolution photo or should I leave it on the standard resolution of sending a photo. 
    WhatsApp High Quality Photos Android & iOS
  8. Once you make a selection on the high quality photo option you can now send the image or photo. 
  9. After that is done you should see it sent with an HD tag attached to it. 
  10. The person or the group you send such a photo to we’ll see the updates as the photo is sent as HD. 
WhatsApp Photos In HD

Video Guide On WhatsApp HD Photos 2023

Bottom Line

Here is one of the amazing WhatsApp features that most people like to see on their WhatsApp account, you should have it at the back of your mind that the feature is still rolling out and it’s not yet available for everyone as of when this article was created. 

So if you have not seen the WhatsApp photo HD features option available on your WhatsApp yet then you should just sit back and wait for the update to roll out completely which you will also be part of very soon. 

For people that have started enjoying the features already you can let us know your thoughts about it and all the kind of experiences you have with the latest WhatsApp features 2023 below in the comment section. 

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