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How To Make Video Calls With Amazon Echo 2024 100% Working Method

How To Make Video Calls With Amazon Echo 2022 100% Working Method

There have been different strategies or ways that Echo products like Echo Show, Echo Show 5, etc have been accompanied. You can carry out different tasks on these products and come with some great features apart from playing music you can go ahead and do other stuff with it like the features of watching the recording, video decisions, and so on and so forth. How To Make Video Calls With Amazon Echo 2024.

To get things set up which is what we are about to talk about now, how to make video calls with your Amazon Echo seems like what most people would like to know about, read this article to the end so as to get things done and work out for you. 

How To Make Video Calls With Amazon Echo 

  • Firstly you will need to download the Alexa app to your Laptop, PC, or Mac device like a cell phone that can be gotten from most stores like the Amazon store, apple store, and also Google play store. 
  • You can also use some major desktop or laptops browser to download the app from Alexa’s official website. 
  • Plug your echo show 8 to an electric charge using the charging spot provided for it still on the gadget and wait for it to turn itself on or just turn it on. 
  • Once it turns on you will hear something or some voice say Hi, your Echo device is prepared for arrangements. Something relating to that. 
  • After that, you will have to follow certain steps to get it to start working. 
  • As the user, you will be asked to select your preferred language and connect it to WiFi which will prompt you to get your passcode. 
  • Select your time, rejoin, and log in to your personal Amazon account. 
  • Follow every step on your echo show to make it start working for you straightforwardly. 
  • If you need to update the echo show to the latest version the screen will pop up the update out on the screen then you have to follow the process to get it updated. 
  • Once you’ve finished downloading and installing the latest version then you can now process to make use of your amazon echo. 
  • This will trigger the Echo show video call to show up which you can now open and provide you with some info you need to know about the latest features and the final voice that will be delivered to you as Your Echo Show Is Prepared, right in there for smooth usage. 

How To Make Use Of Alexa Voice Recognition And Touchscreen 

If you want to access your Echo show voice recognition you can proceed to say “Alexa” and say what you will like the echo (Alexa)  to do. 

Then you will see it turn on you are now all set for you to turn it on in that way at anything using your voice recognition. 

You can also change your personal wake words using the settings by ordering Alexa to do so follow up below:

Prompt Alexa to visit its settings or the touch screen settings which you definitely answered. You can check out more tech guides on Techbeastz.

After you land yourself on the page, top on device options and select wake word. 

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Your default wake words are Echo, Amazon, Ziggy, And computer which you can still go-ahead to change yourself to anything you want. 

After you make the change then you can now select the save options button on the Alexa app. 

You can also select some type of voice you will always like to hear from there. 

Connect the Echo Show to the Alexa app, which you can access the echo show the same way you go around with your own mobile phone. 

What You Need To Know About Alexa App With Echo Show

Once you’ve connected your echo show with your Alexa app on your device from then you can implement any settings you want to access on your echo show from the Alexa app. 

Settings like wake word, touch screen, and so on can also be accessed on the Alexa app once connected to your echo show. 

For the first time, Alexa might get confused with the kind of voice you might be using with it, but after some time it will get used to it and start prompting or answering you fast. 

If you are accessing the touchscreen, it’s not something hard for you can use the same process you use to access your mobile phone with the echo show touch screen features. 

In some cases when you are not at home and you wish to control your echo show from somewhere else you can view the Alexa app remotely. 

You can also use the echo show to call or message anybody through voice when it is connected with your mobile device. 

To be able to make use of the video call features both parties have to get their own echo show or either one of the parties needs a cell phone that can access video calls at any time using the Alexa app. 

The video call features can be set up on the screen using the icon provided for it, and if the person you want to make a video call with contact is saved on your device simply call Alexa to play the other or what you need it to do follow the user you want to make a video call to name. 

How To Play Music From Amazon Prime Using Echo Show 

In some cases, if you have premium access to amazon prime music, then you can just order Alexa to start playing music from Amazon Prime, and instantly that action will be taken. 

You can use words like “Play Top 10 hits from prime music”

Once the music starts playing you will be provided with the music details that you need to know about the music in a full snippet way. 

Using Your Echo Show To Watch YouTube Or Amazon Video 

If you wish to get access to some video on YouTube or Amazon video you can still use the command or your voice to make that work for you using your echo show. 

By saying something like “show me recording on YouTube ” you will be listening to some top records on YouTube. 

The same applies to the amazon video setup where you can use the word “show me” to carry out different commands. 

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