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How To Make Money Online On Instagram 2024

How To Make Money Online On Instagram 2021

Most people know people make money online on Instagram but they don’t know how they make it so we bring about this article which makes us bring up the title on how to make money online on Instagram in 2024. That we are gonna be talking about the top easy ways how to make money on Instagram 2024, it might seem impossible to you but we are telling you now that it is you who will learn how you can make money online using social media

There are several ways that people use to make money online using Instagram which we’re gonna be picking one after the other and let you know the easy ways how you can make it using your social media without much talk and discussion let’s dive into the main part of this article. 

How To Make Money On Instagram 2021

How To Make Money Online On Instagram 2024

There are different ways to make money online on Instagram in 2024 which we will lead you through just five (5) different ways on how you can make this money on Instagram without any stress and if possible you will be provided with a video tutorial to make things easier for people that don’t like reading or don’t like reading long articles and others. 

How To Make Money Online On Instagram 2021

We are supposed to link the five ways that you can use to make money online using your Instagram account but we won’t so much we just to dive in direct and tell you what you should know about how you can get what you need but you should know before you can do this you will need an Instagram account to get things going without any more discussion let’s get things done. 

How To Make Money On Instagram 2021

Make Money Online Using Flipping Instagram Account 

Flipping Instagram accounts is one of the things you should take into consideration if you don’t have an Instagram account with followers. Because before you can be able to earn through your Instagram account you need to build an audience and have Instagram engagement that will make people know about you. 

There are some things that you need to put into consideration before you should go for the Instagram flipping account so that you can use it to make money online. 

Make Money Online Using Flipping Instagram Account

Flipping Instagram accounts is simply getting a fully monetized account. That is to buy accounts with followers and already have an audience. 

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  • So make sure you have knowledge of the kind of account you want to buy.
  • Make sure you know the kind of followers the account contains.
  • You should know people that the Instagram account is engaged with.
  • Have knowledge and the kind of audience you want to target. 

Once you brought the account make sure you make some upgrades or simply change something on the account to make things fit your brand or things you want to make use of it for. 

You might be thinking about how you can gain people’s audience on Instagram and make money online from it, yes you might. But do you know that as of 2018 Instagram was contained with up to 1 Billion active users? 

Which we don’t know of active users Instagram contain in 2024. By seeing this and the observation on the stat then you should pick Instagram one of the social media to make money with and you should start with a flipping Instagram account if you don’t have an account before and put into consideration what we listed above about the Instagram flipping account. 

Make Money Online Using Affiliate Marketing Method On Instagram 

Most people know about the affiliate marketing strategy and how it works. But if you don’t know affiliate marketing simply means selling stuff or products online. 

Yes, you earn money online through Instagram by engaging yourself in your affiliate program which there are many related platforms online that do render such services. 

That is you sell products for a brand and earn yourself some amount of money for doing or partaking in such a program, some top sites that render such service are:

Some of them I am mentioning below.

  • Amazon Affiliate Program.
  • Aliexpress Affiliate Program.
  • ClickBank.

Which you will be paid for selling products on this platform. It mostly came up in the form of using your own personal affiliate link to promote the products and you can use Instagram that does such stuff. Just as you saw on the screenshot below. 

How To Make Money Online On Instagram 2021 using Affiliate marketing

Before you can be able to partake in this you should at least get a flipping account or you already have your own account with followers that you can use to engage yourself with the products. 

Be Yourself Boss By Using Instagram To Sell Products Online 

This seems like Instagram affiliate related products but it’s not. You can actually buy or get any type of products either cloth or some quality stuff that you know people like if they see it and use your Instagram account to promote the goods which is one of the best ways on how to make money on Instagram 2024. Such or related pages that use Instagram to sell products is jumia. 

Make Money On Instagram Selling Products

Once you visit Jumia or related ones like Konga you will only find out on their account that they use products they sell to feed their audience and followers. You can pick an idea from there and use the same statistics to build a brand without waiting or promoting anyone’s products. That’s just the easy way to be yourself, boss, with the help of Instagram. 

Using Instagram To Make Money Online By Selling Shoutouts 

Selling of shout-outs is something similar to promotion but you are not promoting products or goods this time for you will be promoting someone using your Instagram account. 

Related stuff can be found on some of our celebrity Instagram accounts in a situation where they get the music of someone and dance to it then it will bring more attention to people that one part of the way of selling shout-outs you know by them doing this. 

They will surely post the shoutouts to their Instagram account that will make it to gain more engagement from there you earn a commission from what you did mostly this happens from a verified Instagram account but is not necessary you have a verified Instagram account before you can do this. 

You can just get your followers and you will see people start coming for you to engage themselves in such services.

You can get more knowledge about this when you visit some related account on Instagram with enough followers. 

Using Instagram Promote Of Products And Make Money Online 

You can be an influencer on Instagram and promote people’s products on Instagram is either you use a video to pass the message to your audience and followers and you use some write-up that will make them engage more on such stuff. By promoting people’s products you will get paid highly for that depends on the kind of products you sign for or they sign you for. 

When you watch some video on Instagram it is more or less like a promotion or advert video which allows the influencers to make money online on Instagram which is still one of the best methods used to make money on Instagram in 2024.


Instagram is one of the best social media and almost 72% of its users are mostly engaged in purchasing products through the platform it earns the person that posts the products some token when they purchase or bring more customers for more related promoting or promotion. All this was led people to scam stuff people see online and they take Instagram as one of the trusted platforms that it will be hand to find scam products or stuff on it so it’s mostly engaging people to buy stuff from it and it earns you money by using any of the method stated above to make money online using Instagram. 

5 Best Way To Make Money Online Using Instagram In 2024

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