How To Listen To Calls On Another Phone, Mtn Call Monitoring Code


Although most people have been disturbed on how they can gain access to their lover or let’s just say girlfriend phone calls which are quite not proper that might occur may be due to lack of trust in each other too bad. But nevertheless, technology ghat you with this method am about to share with you on the article you will be able to listen to your Girlfriend, father, mother, lovers, siblings and any other person you wish to listen to there calls or get an mtn call monitoring code. 

Technology is going viral every day by day which makes things easier for us although Is part of what I love so that makes me take part in creating this kind of article based on tech which I know you people will like to follow up with. How To Listen To Calls On Another Phone Working Methods 2022 mtn call monitoring code.

Actually, there are several methods that are used in tapping phone calls or other calls which are mostly used by secret agents and other raw agency organizations, mostly used to get info on the person they are targeting and other stuff which is quite easy for them. 

Sure they don’t reveal the method out but due to some intensive research and other ways of loving tech we’ve brought you ways on how to get this done, how to listen to calls on another phone or listen to calls from other phones. How To Listen To Calls On Another Phone Working Methods 2020

How To Listen To Calls On Another Phone Working Methods 2022
We are going to list out two methods that you will use in tapping the call with some little requirements, we might or will make use of some app to get things done but before that they check out some requirements below. 

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Requirements For How To Listen To Calls On Another Phone

  • Phone (Either smartphone phone Android or IOS)
  • Or Anything phone as far it makes calls.
  • Target Phone number (That is the person you will like to listen to there calls)
  • Some Amount of Airtime On your own line.
  • For People that will go for method 2 android app will be needed
    Called: RMC android recorder get it download from play store

That’s All for now. 

Now that we’ve known about the requirements we take the method one after the order from simple to complex although both methods are quite simple and easy. 

How To Listen To Calls On Another Phone Working Methods 

As we said earlier we go for two methods on how you can listen to calls on another phone. The first method works for any phone, that is, any device can work with the first method. 

Why the other method which will be the second method is eligible for android phone users only because we make use of some android app to make that work out for us. 

How To Listen To Calls On Another Phone Working Methods 2022

Let’s treat the methods one by one. 

Mtn Call Monitoring Code

First Method Method On How To Listen To Calls On Another Phone

There is nothing Add there to listen to your partner call from another phone. 

  1. After you have gotten the requirements which implies:
     Your target phone number
     And Call card or Airtime on your own line. 
  2. Then go straight to you phone and dial:
    *61*Your Target number # Example :
    *61*070666*****# the eleven digital numbers which stands for mtn call monitoring code. 

    how to listen to calls on another phone
  3. Then send that all you will see a notification message or info telling you to call forwarding.
  4. Which implies that your target calls will be forward to you.

Note: to cancel phone call after activation just dial #61# its also a mtn call monitoring code for deactivating process. 

Now we look at method two with the usage of an android app let go.. 

Second Method On How Listen To Call On Another Phone

After getting the requirements the major one which turns to be the app as stated above. 

  1. Download and Install the RMC android recorder as said earlier or
    get it here straight from our telegram channel
  2. Open the App and Allow the app or grant it any permission it might request for.
  3. After that slide to settings implement it as you like
  4. Lastly Click on Record you are now good to go. 

Start listening to your target or girls calls for Does that are in some serious or seriousness relationship that don’t have trust lol. 

It works for you or not? 

Let’s get to know the problem that you might be facing when implementing any of these methods. 

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For it has been tested before we make a publication on it, As you all know we don’t bring fake stuff to you. 

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How To Listen To Calls On Another Phone Working Methods 2022


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  1. Good evening,I’ve downloaded the RMC Android recorder but it records my own calls instead, all the calls going out and into my phone are recorded whereas it’s my partners own calls I want to be receiving or seeing without his knowledge for spying purpose

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