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How To Link Nin With SiM Card or Without Data

We recently published an article which entails how to link mtn sim with nin that such process required data or internet access to get that done and follow some procedures/provision of some details to be able to link your nin with your sim card now we here with another process that will help you know how to link nin with sim card without data or using the internet network. 

With just dialing some code you will be able to link your nin with your sim card by providing your 11 digit national identity number Nin number through the usage of USSD Code just as if you want to purchase airtime and others let’s check it out. 

How To Link Nin With Mtn Sim Card Using Ussd Code

  1. Go to your phone and dial the code.
  2. Dial *785# and you will be provided with the option to provide your 11 digit Nin.
    How To Link Nin With Mtn Sim Card
  3. Select option 1 and make sure you have copied your nin number to the clipboard already.
  4. Once you get to the next option paste the nin number.
    How To Link Nin With Mtn Sim Card
  5. And click on send then you will be provided with a success message.
  6. Stating that you have successfully provided your Nin number.
    how to link mtn sim with nin using ussd code
  7. What next is to wait for their review and confirmation message. 

In case you don’t know how to get your nin number which is now free to check click here to know how to check your nin number using your phone number. 

And also get more info about how you can check if your nin number is already linked with your sim from the link provided above. 

Some Updates About The Nin Link With Sim To Avoid Blockage 

The house of representatives has talked and had some conversations with Ncc to extend and give more grace before they should start carrying out the sim blockage till date.

Earlier Checking and getting of Nin with number is said to be carried out with the charge of N20 per checking or if you want to check your Nin number with your sim you will be charged N20. Nothing as such has been stopped. 

You can now check your nin without being charged. That is, checking of Nin is now for free learn how to check yours here and be free from the sim blockage. 

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Are you still having difficulties linking your Nin? 

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