How To Install Any Font On Your Windows Pc 2022 Latest Method


You’re probably tired of the few fonts on your pc, or you’re probably a graphic designer and need more fonts for your job, you just need to install another font for whatever usage. Well, today we’ll be showing you guys how to install fonts on your Windows pc and also where to get these fonts from.

How to install fonts on a Windows pc

Initially, Windows doesn’t provide many fonts to choose from and also using a software that supports texts doesn’t come with all the fonts you need. Sometimes, you have to get these fonts yourself and also install them on your pc. There are many sources you can get your fonts from. while some are paid while others are free, you’ll still find the font you’re looking for. Below are a list of websites to get your fonts from

Sites to get free and paid fonts.

This list is arranged randomly and not according to the most recommended. Ensure that you get the app downloaded to a folder you can easily refer to.

How to install any font on your Windows pc

How to install fonts on a Windows pc

Now, after downloading, you will have to install the fonts on your pc manually. Follow the steps below to get the fonts installed to your pc.

  • Get the fonts downloaded and saved to a folder. 
  • Now, fonts comes in different formats, they sometimes comes as .ttf, .otf, .otc, .ttc or they come as .zip file.
  • If they come as .zip file then you have to unzip the file first before installing. Click on the file then select “extract” to unzip the file.
  • Now after unzipping the file, click on the windows button on your computer panel(for windows 10).
  • Then click on “personalisation” from the pop up menu.
  • Now, on the left panel of the screen, click on fonts.
  • Just at the top of the fonts menu, you’ll see a “drag and drop to install” instruction. 
  • Open the folder you downloaded the fonts to, select the fonts you want to install, then drag the fonts and drop them into the box.
  • Wait for the fonts to successfully install. Then you can use.
  • For Windows 11, click on the windows icon on your pc panel.
  • Then click on settings.
  • Click on “personalisation” from the left panel and select fonts from the list on the right.
  • You’ll also see “drag and drop to install” at the top.
  • Open the folder you downloaded the font files to.
  • Select all the fonts, then drag and drop them into the box.
  • Wait for installation to complete then you can use your fonts.

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