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How To Get Standard Chartered 5k Jumia Voucher – SC 5000 Jumia Voucher

How To Get Standard Chartered 5000 Jumia Voucher

Standard chartered bank is here again with another great surprise as they always do they call this season surprise which you can now get a standard chartered 5k jumia voucher that can be used to order for anything on jumia online shopping in Nigeria. 

As of last month, the same standard chartered bank gave out jumia vouchers up to 4000 4k to each customer that partake in the giveaways, and that every giveaway from Sc bank lasts for almost A month which most people that partake in this giveaway. Now it’s the season giveaway which will allow you to earn yourself a jumia shopping voucher of N5000 from standard chartered. 

How To Get 5K Jumia Shopping Voucher From Standard Chartered 

This offer is eligible for both old and new standard chartered customers, unlike the old giveaway that you will need to open a new account and fund your account before you earn that 4k worth of jumia voucher

But this 5k or 5000 worth of jumia voucher is for every standard chartered customer that already has the account and is about to get the account. Let’s get to know some requirements that will make us get the 5k worth of jumia voucher. 

Requirements To Get The 5K Shopping Voucher

  • You will need a standard chartered account.
  • Click here to create or open a standard chartered online bank account if you don’t have one.
  • Standard chartered credit cards will be needed.
  •  Click here to know how to get a valid standard chartered ATM or credit card. 

After you have gotten the above requirements then you are good to go and get your own 5k shopping vouchers from SC bank let’s go. 

How To Get Standard Chartered 5k Jumia Shopping Voucher

  1. When you have gotten your standard chartered Atm card.
  2. And also get your own personal account.
  3. All you have to do to get your own 5000 jumia voucher is to.
  4. Swipe your phone three times by purchasing stuff with your standard chartered card three times.
  5. You are to spend a minimum of N5000 during that three-card swipe.
  6. The 5k card swipe that will be done three times can be used to purchase stuff online or.
  7. Withdraw Money from POS which is also known as a swipe. 
How To Get Standard Chartered 5k Jumia Voucher

After that is done then you have good to go you just have to wait for your 5k shopping voucher alert from standard chartered which some other terms and conditions apply to it. 

The earlier the better standard chartered officially announced this of recent and it’s said to expire till December 18, 2020, as shown in the screenshot above. 

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You just have to follow the steps and procedures above which will make you get your 5k jumia shopping voucher from standard chartered and also own a bank account with the SC online mobile app likewise got a free ATM card or free credit card from standard chartered. 

The ATMs are being shipped directly to your doorstep without any stress. All you have to do is to apply for it then you will get it within a few days. 

Have you gotten your own 5k shopping voucher? 

Let us know via the comments section and join our telegram channel for fast updates.  

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