How To Get Mtn 8GB For N130 And Mtn 2GB For N50

Mtn 8GB and Mtn 2GB

Yea you guys might think it’s impossible but yes it’s possible you can now get mtn 8gb for as low as N130 and Mtn 2GB for just N50 by following some easy and simple trick. Yea it’s a trick because there is no way mtn will give out such a huge data plan for the amount that was stated for especially within this season of recession which Nigeria is currently in.


Is either you get your mtn airtime worth of N130 ready or N50 ready so that you can be part of a person to enjoy this trick and browse as much as you like with the mtn 8GB data and mtn 2GB data that seems to be affordable


Requirements Used To Get Then Mtn 8GB For N130

  • Mtn sim card with 130 airtime on it. 
  • Internet connection. 
  • Ec tunnel VPN
  • And lastly 3G or 4G data connection. 
  • But 4G network and data connection is recommended. 

Now let’s move you might see new things on the requirement which seema not to be related to what we mention earlier right. Don’t worry, we are about to explain how to get things done and work it out for you. 


As of last week or last two weeks we made an article on mtn youtube affordable data plan which seems to be active till date. 


So I think from that you should be able to get some tips on where we are going and leading to. Let’s move. 

How To Get Mtn 8GB For N130 And Mtn 2GB For N50

  1. The only mtn plan that offers this cheap data plan is the mtn youtube data plan. 
  2. Which once you dial the activation code that can be found here
  3. You will be provided with two options. The first option entails. 
  4. Mtn YouTube unlimited streaming for 1hour and the other entails. 
  5. Youtube unlimited streaming for 3 hours. 
  6. But two mtn YouTube plans are not unlimited as was stated. 
  7. The first one which the youtube unlimited streaming for 1hours can cap upto 2GB mtn data. 
  8. And the other one cap upto 8GB mtn data so that’s where we are leading to. 
  9. You can get the first one for N50 and the other for N130 respectively. 

Here comes the use of the VPN. We use the vpn mentioned earlier to power up the data and make use of mtn 8GB and Mtn 2GB. 


How To Power Up The Mtn 8GB Data And Mtn 2GB With VPN 

  • After you have downloaded and installed the latest VPN called ec tunnel pro
  • Open it and locate the tweak button option.
  • Which you will find several tweaks there. Mtn 8GB data plan for the mtn youtube unlimited
  • Select the tweak named NG| Mtn Youtube Bundle. Ec tunnel VPN used to power mtn youtube unlimited bundle
  • And locate the server which contains a separate server for this tweak. 
  • Open the server and select the server named NG| Mtn YouTube Server 1 then. Mtn youtube unlimited server to power up mtn youtube data
  • Go back, turn on your data connection and connect. 


In case it does not work for you then go ahead and select the second YouTube bundle server and it will connect for you. 


If it does not connect for you again go ahead and clean the history of the VPN, turn on airplane mode on your phone and turn it off. Then go ahead, configure the VPN as stated above and hit the connect button. 


Then it will definitely connect for you. You can then browse for as low as N50 for Mtn 2GB and N130  for Mtn 8GB data respectively. 


If you find this trick helps and saves you from getting an affordable data plan then let’s other’s know to view the comment section. 


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