How To Get Glo 9.2GB Data For N2000 – Glo Affordable Data Plan 2022

How To Get Glo 9.2GB Data For N2000

If you have been looking for an affordable data plan for one of the internet service providers or network provider that is called Glo then these Glo 9.2GB data for N2000 is one of them that we recommend for you which the data plan was upgraded from 5.2 GB so the recent one that we are talking about right now. 

Glo as always claim to be the grand master of data they still want to claim that which makes them come about an upgrade to their recent plan or bundle so as to serve you with the latest Glo affordable data plan 2022 version is now here for you to watch out with. 


All you need to get this affordable Glo data plan of 9GB plus activated is to get your Glo SIM activated which you can learn how to do here

And also get 2,000 Naira available for the subscription plan so as to enjoy uninterrupted internet service on your Glo network. 

Once you notice that your sim is well rested and active and you know that you can enjoy the free internet speed of 4 GB Plus in your area then you can now go ahead to learn how you can subscribe to the data plan by following the steps below. 

How To Subscribe to Glo 9.2GB for 2000 Data Plan

  1. First thing you need to do it or go through your phone call app Centre and dial the code *777#.
    Glo Affordable Data Plan 2022
  2. A pop-up message will come that we show you varieties of action that you go for his true that is stated for data. 
  3. I’ve got you to get to the next page then you cannot select the options that is stated for buy data. 
  4. Then you can now proceed to the next option which is to select either an auto-renew option on one of the options. 
  5. Any action that will be suitable for you that is if you want to that tattoo auto Union itself then you will need to select one or option one. 
  6. And also do we help you to stop any forms of entering a new data port if it is one of option, options two. 
  7. After you made your choice then you cannot proceed to the next page that is eligible to select the kind of data you want to purchase. 
  8. The data that will allow you to see the 2000 Naira for 9.2GB data is the monthly data. 
  9. Then you cannot select an input number for the monthly data that will now be stated which list of data plans are available monthly. 
  10. The next page is to select an option for monthly data.
  11. You will see all monthly data plans or bundles attached with all the bundles of night plans which are all stated in this way. 
    1 N1000=3.9GB 30Days incl 2GB nite
    2.N1500=7.5GB 30Days incl 4GB nite
    3.N2000=9.2GB 30Days incl 4GB nite
    4.N2500=10.8GB 30 days incl 4GB nite

    Glo 9.2GB For N2000
  12. As shown in the screenshot then you can select option three which is dated for the 9.2GB by data attached with 4GB night free data which Glo provides for N2000.
  13. After you select it you have not successfully activated the blue 9.2GB for N2000 data plan or bundle. 
  14. But you can also look at all the bundles of N2500, N1500, N1000 respectively. 

That is stated with the data plan of 3.9GB, 7.5GB and 10.8GB which all have mostly the 4GB night free data plan except for the M1000 data plan which is stated with a 2 GB night free data plan. 


This article is provided to help you look into some glo affordable data plans, which is now late for you to look into the ones that are affordable for you but one of the most that we recommend is the 9.2 GB plan that you can get only for 2000.

If you wish to see some other related posts feel free to join our Telegram channel and let us know your thoughts about this plan or data bundle from glo in the comment section. 


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