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How To Get Glo 10GB Free 2023 Glo Free Data

We did enjoy such an offer from Mtn which you will get mtn 10GB for free now it tends globalcom too. Glo now offers his customers free glo 10GB data by just carrying out some easy and smooth tasks we get into details soon.

As you know glo the grand master of data in Nigeria we don’t know of other countries as just made an announcement of the free data which will make some certain uses to get glo 10GB for free.

According To Glo

Glo 10GB Free Data

Which explain and elaborate that when glo 3GB users upgrade their sim to Glo 4G of recently they will be granted with glo 10GB free data and some other bonus offer which tends to be available for people which are using glo that is the old glo line that came with 3G.

We said it early something like this applicable to mtn before which you get mtn 10GB for free when you upgrade your mtn 3G sim to 4G l get to details.

Requirements To Get Your Glo Sim Upgrade To 4G

You can check here for more info about how to upgrade your glo sim to 4G respectively. Which will explain in detail to you on how the sim upgrade from 3G to 4G works and also other related stuff you need to know about the upgrade.

How To Upgrade Your Glo To 4G And Get Glo 10GB Free

  1. Afteer that process to carry out before your sim will be upgraded will be shared with you with the glo network agent or agency.
  2. After you have successfully upgraded your glo sim then wait for some seconds to see your free glo 10Gb smiling at you.
  3. When you notice the upgrade process was successful and glo refuse to credit your number with the glo 10GB free and other bonus offer.

All you have to do is to contact the customer service either twitter or Instagram Facebook respectively and others means if possible you will get your 10GB for real.

Have you gotten your own glo 10GB for Free?

Let us know and join our telegram channel to see and get fast updates.

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