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How To Get Free 1000 From Mtn (Promo/Bonus) 

How To Get Free 1000 From Mtn

This should be called more or less like a giveaway from MTN which they are now giving out free money to their customers which is why you are seeing this article on how to get a free 1000 from MTN that can come in the form of a promo reward or bonus. 

You will get how you can actually get your own free 1000 Naira from MTN that can be used to browse the internet and also make calls and send SMS on your MTN line, that is if you’re one of those MTN subscribers. 

Mtn Free 1000 Bonus 2023

It has been brought to my attention that I’m giving away one trouser near the bonus to their customers that are making use of all the subscribers of yafun yafun tariff plan. 

Which is more or less like a promo plan that has been set aside for their customers who purchase a new sim and also the recharger line. 

The free 1000 Naira bonus that MTN actually gives out is free which most people will actually know how they can partake and get their own promo or free money giveaway that has been set aside for MTN subscribers, not all in specific. 

The free money can be gotten once you are one of those people who make use of MTN Yafun Yafun as their tariff plan. 

And it’s been set aside that it’s 700% that has been attached to every recharge battery from 100 Naira and above. 

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Is he being slashed into 350% each 350% of the reward can be used to browse the internet and the other parts can be used to call and send SMS to any network apart from MTN. 

But the Deep tariff plan is only set aside for MTN subscribers who bought a new SIM or new customers who purchased a new MTN line which is not a plan that most people can migrate to that is being done on all the major tariff plans like betatalk MTN pulse and so on. 

It is also brought to our notice that the plan is designed to welcome new customers to MTN which is more a way that they wish to bombard them with enough of a bonus so as to gain their trust and make them stay as one of their new subscribers. 

Now you can now proceed to know how you can get your own free 1000 bonus from MTN in 2023 or the upcoming year 2024.

How To Get Free 1000 Bonus From Mtn

It’s a promo from MTN to MTN new subscribers. once you get a new MTN SIM automatically you should be on the tariff plan mtn yafun yafun, which can allow you to secure your own free 1000 from MTN. 

All you need to do so as to secure the bonus includes:

  1. Get a new MTN SIM and make sure it’s active to register from any MTN shop outlet in your area. 
  2. Once you make your first recharge online and your line is activated you will be given a 1,000 bonus. 
  3. Part of the bonus 300 can be used for browsing and 800 can be used for National calls and sending SMS As Free Airtime
  4. Which is an automated promo or offer that you will get once you activate the SIM and make your first recharge on the line. 
How To Get Free 1000 Bonus From Mtn

Since the plan is an automated tariff plan that has been set aside for new users if you try to migrate out of the plan you might stop getting this kind of offer or promo from MTN. 

And once you make a ton of migrating out from this tariff plan mtn yafun yafun, you shouldn’t think of making a U-turn to migrate back to the plan which is not a plan that anyone can migrate to. 

The free 1000 that you can get on MTN is automated and you don’t need to carry out any specific task other than to get a new MTN SIM and recharge on the line that will prompt you to get the MTN free promo or free registration bonus from MTN as a new subscriber. 

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