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How to Fix Xbox Cloud Gaming Not Loading/Working 

How to Fix Xbox Cloud Gaming Not Loading/Working 

Once you notice something with your Xbox Cloud gaming and you like to fix it or get a solution to the kind of problem you are facing on it either is not working or is not loading then this article you just land yourself on about how to fix Xbox cloud gaming not loading or working is the right full page. 

The Project Xcloud which is the formal name for the Xbox cloud gaming is a new transformation for gamers that make use of this particular console for gaming. 

This makes it more convenient and also allows the player to gain access to different kinds of games on their Xbox-related console or other devices like Android iPhone PCs and so on. 

But in some cases, you can encounter difficulties when trying to access this cloud or wish to think of a Way of troubleshooting it all the troubleshooting process is how you can fix the Xbox cloud gaming not working issue. 

Once you gain access to this game in the Cloud you should experience a variety of high-quality gaming systems by playing different kind of games on your favorite device that support Xbox cloud gaming. 

Xbox Cloud Gaming 

Once you grant access to the Xbox cloud gaming will be able to see different kind of game that has been designed to work for your console. 

Varieties of different collections of games that remain available growing and providing basic o systems for the gamers who make use of their device. 

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The Xbox cloud gaming is available for different devices apart from the Xbox console which include mobile devices like iOS on Android followed by some personal computer PCs. 

And it is implemented to be available and accessible to phone users. Which also supports a controller that is compatible with different games. 

To start making use of it at your own comfort which also connects you to a gaming community by playing with different games and around the globe all your friends that are not close to you. 

The Xbox cloud gaming makes a world available for gamers to share their experience of gaming in different games that promote the community in the gaming ecosystem. 

Will now read the stage which you can actually show you the troubleshooting process of steps that you can use to fix Xbox cloud gaming not loading or when it’s not working for you. 

How to Fix Xbox Cloud Gaming Not Loading Working Process 

The process we are about to share with you below will cover the steps that can be used in troubleshooting the Xbox cloud gaming not working issue or loading. 

The steps should be named and provided one after the other which ways that you can use to solve this issue once and for all that include. 

Uninstalling and reinstallation Of The Xbox App On Your devices 

You can actually solve the Xbox cloud gaming not loading issue by uninstalling the Xbox app and also installing it back which can be done on different devices entails PC and mobile-related devices. 

Process For Android & iPhone (iOS) 

  • Long press on the Xbox app icon. 
  • Select the uninstall Xbox app option. 
  • Uninstall it and go back to your Google Play Store or app store. 
  • Then you can search for the Xbox app and install it again. 

Steps For PC

  • Go ahead to the search button or search option on your Windows operating system and search for the Xbox software. 
  • Unlikely you can just go to the apps section and uninstall the Xbox app. 
  • Try to locate the Xbox software again using the search button and use the option button or advanced options button to select uninstall. 
  • Then you can go back to the Microsoft store and reinstall the Xbox app again. 

This uninstalling and reinstalling process can help you fix the Xbox Cloud gaming not loading issue now we move to the next process or procedural. 

Using The Update Option (Update Xbox Console) 

Once you update your Xbox console that should also fix the not loading issue you are facing with the Xbox cloud gaming which can be done by. 

  • Select the guide option available on your Xbox controller. 
  • Then you should navigate to the profile and system and select settings. 
  • After that, you cannot select the system and navigate to update then update your console. 

Persistent Storage On Xbox Console (Clear it) 

One of the ways that can be used to troubleshoot the Xbox cloud gaming not loading or not working problem is to clear the persistent storage on your Xbox console. 

  • This can be done by following a process of steps below. 
  • The first thing you need to do is to click on the guide button on your controller or on your Xbox controller. 
  • Now select the profile and system option and click on settings. 
  • From there you cannot select the device connection and navigate to Blu-ray. 
  • Now make a selection of persistent storage and choose clear persistent storage. 
  • From there the Xbox cloud gaming not working issue should be fixed. 

Clearing Of Alternative MAC addresses on the Xbox Console 

Once you are able to clear the alternative MAC address on your Xbox console that should also help you troubleshoot the problem you are fixing the cloud gaming. 

  • You can also locate the guide button or click on it on your controller. 
  • Navigate to profile and system and select settings from the original select in general. 
  • After that, you cannot select network settings and advanced settings. 

From there I should be able to see the alternate MAC address, select it, and click on clear then you can now go and restart your console. 

Once you make use of the steps provided above you should be able to fix or troubleshoot the Xbox cloud gaming not loading issue on different devices that should work for you once you have done everything we provided above. 

Bottom Line

The Xbox cloud gaming is a platform that you will like to access as a gamer either on your console or other devices because of the unique gaming platform that has been provided by Xbox. 

In some cases when you are trying to gain access to the gaming platform you might encounter some issues during the process. 

Any problem or issue needs to be troubleshooting or fixed which is why we come up with something relating to this article that can help you solve any form of problem or issue you might be facing whenever you are trying to access the cloud gaming platform. 

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