How To Delete All Liked Videos On Tiktok At Once (Step By Step Guide)

how to delete all liked videos on TikTok at once

Of course, we will be covering the process that will help you to know how to delete all liked videos on TikTok at once which is what most tiktoker as been looking for but seems to find kind of difficult for them. 

As we all know TikTok is one of the major social media platforms that offer service to over 100 million users a casualty, it’s popular but might lack behind with some help that will render to its users. 

So in that way, you might find it difficult to implement some process like this recent one we are to talk about now delete all liked videos on tiktok at once. 

The major things people use tiktok to do is to make short video content and provide it in entertaining ways or use it for tutorials so let’s stick to the end of this article and get things done. 

How You Can Delete Your Liked Videos On Tiktok At Once

Normally you can carry out this process in different ways but in this article, we will be looking at two major ways that you can use to get what you want to delete got deleted. 

In some cases, you will just have to delete all your tiktok video and all your record will be wiped which will look like you are about to start again. 

We will be sharing with you two different methods that you can use to delete liked videos on TikTok and will seem to solve your problem or issue. 

But you should also note that you will have to be an android or iOS user that makes use of TikTok,  so if you like to clear out some records on your tiktok profile which you don’t like anybody else to see it. 

Then you should look into some major processes that we have for you below, but before that, we also provide an article about how you can get 1k tiktok followers for free that is available for tiktok beginners check it out and get things done. 

First Method On How To Delete Liked Videos On Tiktok 

  1. Open your tiktok app and locate your profile. 
  2. Click on the Me button that indicates your profile tap. 
  3. You will now be provided with all the video that has been recorded by you. 
  4. On every record, you will see a heart tap which you will click on. 
  5. Which indicates your preferred videos. 

Now locate the video you would like to delete and tap on the heart again which will now be unliked or removed from the videos you don’t like. 

In summary: you locate your profile section once you get to tiktok, click on the heart tap you see which you can now tap the heart button on every video you want to delete it’s like or unlike that will clear your enjoyed videos or recording. 

Second Method On How To Hide Or Delete Liked Videos 

In reference to the heart tap which is the preferred tap, using this method will look exactly like you have totally deleted the record or videos you dislike, you will understand once you get to it below. 

  1. Open your tiktok again. 
  2. Locate your profile as stated above. 
  3. Select or hit on the three-dot button that is located at the top right corner of the app. 
  4. Go to Settings, and select Privacy and Wellbeing. 
  5. Find who can see your preferred videos and select or change it to Only Me. 

That’s just it once you go to your profile under preferred recording or video (heart tab)  you will see your liked recordings or video you have liked but other tiktoker won’t see it. 

You have just deleted videos on tiktok at once, if you have this article helpful let us know in the comments section. 


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