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How To Create A Gmail Desktop App

How To Create A Gmail Desktop App

In this article, you will be shown an easy and quick way for you to create a Gmail desktop app. Sad to say that Gmail does not have a desktop app that can be downloaded directly, so for that, we will have to do a quick workaround.

This article requires you to make use of Google Chrome as your main internet browser. We will use a Mac as a case study but the steps will work very well for users of Windows.


Below are the steps to create a Gmail desktop app

  1. On your Google Chrome browser, Open Gmail.
  2. At the top-right corner of your browser, you will see three vertical dots. Click on it Go to More Tools and proceed to create a Shortcut.
  3. Check ‘Open as Window’ and tick it.
  4. On the Gmail icon in the dock, alt+click or right-click and proceed to Options and then select ‘Keep in Dock’


Step 1: You need to click on the cogwheel icon to open Settings.

Step 2: On the top menu, go to the Offline tab 

Step 3: Click on Enable offline mail.

Step 4: Choose the security option that suits you best. A good choice to make if you are the only one that makes use of your computer is the ‘Keep offline data on my computer.

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Step 5: Click on ‘Save changes and that’s it!

You’ve done it.


If you would want to go one step further by adding a Gmail icon on your desktop, after you must have added a shortcut to the dock, it requires a few extra clicks from you.

Step 1: Look for the Chrome Apps folder using your Gmail desktop app. If you have already created your shortcut, this folder will display automatically in the Finder window. If not, you should navigate to Macintosh HD — Users — Your Username Folder — Applications — Chrome Apps.

Step 2: Next, Right-click on the Gmail desktop icon and then select Copy “Gmail”.

Step 3: Choose ‘Paste item’ after you must right-click on the desktop.

That is all there is to it. With a simple double click, your Gmail shortcut is now accessible right on your desktop.


There are plenty of advantages that come with creating a dedicated Gmail desktop app if you are a heavy user of Gmail.

It can be distracting and tedious when you make use of Gmail as a tab in your web browser. Because every time you want to access your email, you have to come across several clicks before you get to it.

Then again, the issue of other tabs and windows competing for your attention can be annoying. From what was gathered from studies carried out, when you get distracted like that, it can cost you as much as 25 mins as you struggle to regain your focus.

So it’s ideal for you to have your own Gmail desktop app as it cuts down your distractions and clicks that are unnecessary which in turn helps you save your time and get to your email faster and way easier.

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