Es File Explorer V4.2.7.0: How To Convert Android App To Apk File Using Es File Explorer 2021

How To Convert Android App To Apk 2020 / 2021

Most people we like to have back up of there app that was installed from play store which they don’t know how to and most people just like to have the apk file of there app so that they can share with friends or keep for future purpose which they don’t know how to do. That is why we like to show you how to convert an android app to apk or apk file 2021 using Es File Explorer V4.2.7.0 that can be taken as an android app back up. 


Yea it’s two different things, most people might be thinking what the difference between app and apk is and what the difference between android app and android app. No, don’t take it as the same for they are different things that operate in different ways which we are about to talk about doing the process on how to convert an
android app to apk 2021.

Let’s get to know some stuff. 


What Is Android App

Android app in this term in relation to this article is an app that you have already installed on your android phone which you can’t recover back whenever you uninstall such app from your android devices or phone likewise smartphone. While


What Is Es File Explorer V4.2.7.0 Android Apk

Es File Explorer V4.2.7.0 Android apk is an android app too which allows you to install android apps that are not gotten from the play store. That is, files you download from other platforms apart from the play store are what we know as android apk or apk which allows us to have back up of our app even when we uninstall such app from our android devices. 

The apk is always stored on the android file storage which can be viewed by a file manager or file explorer. 

Now we will be using Es file explorer to convert any of our android app to apk so that we can have a back-up of our app or apk that we can share with other devices that are not android. 


Before you can follow the procedures to convert your android app you will need to download es file explorer which is recommended you don’t from the play store


How To Download Es File Explorer Latest Version 2021

  • Open your app store or google play store.
  • Hit on the search bar and search for.
  • Es file explorer, you will be redirected to the app.
  • Click on install and your app will start downloading and install itself.
  • After you have downloaded and installed the file explorer then you are good to go. 

locate the download button below this article.

Let’s get the main part of this article. 


How To Convert Android App To Apk 2021

    1. Now open your es file explorer v4.2.7.0 that you just download above.
    2. Scroll download on the main menu and find the sub-menu called App.


    3. Click on it and locate any app you want to convert to apk.
    4. After you have got to the app. Long press on it and wait for some sec.
      How To Convert Android App To Apk 2020


  1. Then es file explorer will provide you with some options.
  2. Click the option that is stated as back up.
    How To Convert Android App To Apk 2021
  3. Then it will start synchronizing the app and give you the result that was done.
  4. Just for some minutes depends on the app size.
  5. You have successfully converted your app to apk now you have to know how you can locate the app you just converted to apk. 


How To Locate Converted App To Apk On Es File Explorer 

  • Go to your es file explorer main menu.
  • Click on your phone storage.
  • Locate the folder name back up.
    Convert Android App To Apk
  • Open it then click the folder named app.
  • Then you will find the app you just converted to. 

That’s it you have successfully converted an android app to apk and locate the app you have just converted to apk
using es file explorer v4.2.7.0. 


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Download Es File Explorer

Es File Explorer v4.2.7.0 Apk


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