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How to Change Players in eFootball for Android and iPhone

How to Change Players in eFootball for Android and iPhone

eFootball™ provides an immersive soccer gaming experience. Changing players is a crucial aspect of the game. Customize your team with players from all around the world, including superstars and legends. In this guide, we’ll explain how to change players in eFootball on your Android/iPhone device.

How to Change Players in eFootball

Firstly, open eFootball and tap on “Game Plan”. Next, tap on the jersey icon with a pocket on the left. This will allow you to access the list of players in your team. Select the player you want to add to your team and hold the tab. Now, drag and drop this player to replace one of your existing players. It’s as simple as that! With these steps, you can change players in eFootball effortlessly. So, go ahead and create your dream team, add your favourite players, and dominate the game! Remember to refer to the additional tips and common issues sections for better gameplay. Happy gaming!

Additional Tips for Changing Players in eFootball

When changing players in eFootball, it’s important to consider their attributes and how they will fit into your team’s strategy. Don’t just go for the big names, choose players that complement your playing style. Also, keep an eye on their fatigue and stamina levels to ensure they can perform at their best. The right players can make all the difference in winning matches, so choose wisely.

Common Issues While Changing Players

Changing players in eFootball can sometimes come with a few issues. The game may experience player selection delay, the jersey icon may not respond, or the app may crash while changing players.

How to Fix Common Issues While Changing Players

Clearing the cache and data of eFootball, updating the app, or restarting your device can solve common issues while changing players. If the selection delay or jersey icon not responding issue persists, clearing the cache and data of eFootball or updating the app to the latest version can come in handy. However, if the app crashes while changing players, restarting your device may do the trick. So, try these basic fixes before contacting customer support to resolve the issues.


Changing players can make or break your gameplay in eFootball. By following the easy steps mentioned above, players can easily switch from one player to another and create the ultimate dream team. Don’t forget to consider player attributes and fatigue levels, and choose players that complement your team’s strategy for better gameplay. Refer to the tips and tricks for an immersive, soccer gaming experience. In short, take control of your game and ace it like a boss with these simple hacks.

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