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How to Change Jersey Number in eFootball (All Version) 

How to Change Jersey Number in eFootball

The process we are about to share with you on how to change jersey numbers in efootball with support every version of the soccer game that you are playing on your devices. Which Pes mobile version which is known to be efootball has been offering some amazing gaming experiences to their players or their users. 

With the help of some customization features, how can I change their jersey number and also change their uniform which is embedded in the game. 

From there they can also create their own Dream Team that features any club and offer to play with some legendary players. 

Following up with some national teams and clubs that have been added to the game featuring the main live soccer sport. 

The game now allowed their players to sign different kinds of players to their own satisfaction. 

Following up with some other settings like how to reset player progression he will now also like to know how to change the jersey number of your player so as to make your game more unique. 

This is why we are not going to share the process on how to edit or change player jersey numbers in efootball game ranging from 2023 to 2024 and some other versions of the game that are about to be released like 2025 & 2026.

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Which should work for all mobile devices like Android or iPhone which are also known to be iOS. 

Now we are going to dive into the main process or what you actually need to know about this article. 

How to Change Jersey Number in eFootball (All Devices) 

This process is easy and straightforward, which is the process of how to edit a player’s jersey number in football. 

  • Go to your game or locate the game icon on your device and click on it. 
  • From there you will not need to find the option name as Game Plan then click on it. 
  • And how you will not look for the team’s icon provided on the left side of the game. 
  • At the least, you will not really need to select Edit Squad Number. 
  • The next thing to do is to select the player that you wish to change their jersey number to. 
  • You can now make use of the arrow icon to switch the number of the Jersey once you have completed that. 
  • Or once you have selected the jersey number you wish to give a particular player you select. 
  • Then the Done button waits for you to click after the change is completed to save your setup or change. 

That is the straightforward way that you can use to change a player’s Jersey on efootball for any version. 

Final Say

Apart from changing jersey numbers on efootball you can also look into some order setup that you don’t actually know about. 

Something that might actually bring you to this page is that you would like to know how to change jersey numbers. 

But do you know how to change or reset player progression before,  likewise how to change player on efootball

If not, the link covering on those texts will direct you to a page where you will learn how to do all this and start enjoying playing your game without the need of worrying to worry about carrying out some other settings or setup on your game. 

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