How To Become A Mtn Agent / Mtn Sim Reg Agent In 2021

Mtn Agent

Nigeria seems to be one of the country with most poor citizens, maybe it is because of the less employment opportunities or what. But nevertheless mtn which is owned by another Africa country seems to smell the poverty stage at which Nigeria are now, it makes them to provide more employment opportunities for we Nigeria. 

Right now mtn has provided us or anybody that will like to be their agent an easy way to be part of their agent  without any stress like locating mtn headquarters before you can be an agent,  Not any more, there is now optional ways for that. 

It really sounds cool or let’s just say it is a great idea from mtn, by just a click you can now become an mtn agent, awesome or not?  In the article we will explain to you all you need to do just to become an mtn agent but before that see the tweet below from mtn on their social news page. 

According to Mtn To become Mtn Agent

Turn up your hustle by becoming an MTN Sim Reg agent today. 

Send your Name, Shop Location and Contact Number to or click  to complete the form. #TurnItUp

Mtn Agent

Yea which seems the tweet above has explained everything to you but with that we will still add a little more insight on this. 

How TO Become An Mtn Agent Or SiM reg Agent In 2021.

  1. There is nothing hard there, you just have to follow the link as provided here:
  2. Copy and paste the link to your web browser, browse through it.
  3. You will be provide with a form to fill which comprises of your names and other question to be ask as shown below:

Mtn Sim Reg Agent


  1. What type of Shop do you have
  2. Is your shop fixed to the ground
  3. Will you like to be a SIM Registration agent with MTN?
    Mtn Sim reg Agent
  • FORM

  1. Your Company Name
  2. With Your name
  3. And Your Phone Number
  4. Including Your email address
  5. Likewise Your Shop Location/Address
  6. Lastly your Shop’s Co-ordinates

After you have provided them with what they want or after you have filled in the form then you can now click on submit then you wait for a reply from them. 

That’s all, with this you will be able to play the role of their part of mtn agent or Sim reg agent. 

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This is an awesome employment offer or not? 

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