How To Activate Glo Sim – How To Activate A Deactivated Glo Sim 2022

How To Activate Glo Sim

You might have been here behind because your glo Sim has just been deactivated. Worry no more because in this article that is what we are going to be talking about. This article will make you know how to activate your glo SIM or a simple way to activate your deactivated glo SIM back the latest way in 2022.

Global I seems to found off the activation of glo SIM due to some major reason that is well known to them and you will also know about once you try to read this article to the end we are going to dive into y Glo used to deactivate SIM and how you can actually activate the SIM back without any stress or likewise what you need to do before you can get your Sim back. 

What makes Globalcom deactivate my glo SIM

This is the kind of question that you will like to know which we feel will issue an answer before we go ahead and provide you with some regular answer that will help you to activate your deactivated SIM or Glo sim, in generally Globalcom used to put it in their tents or have it on their terms and condition that once you stop making use of your SIM for up to one month or more or you stop buying or make it to be active for more than one month your SIM might be eligible to be deactivated. 

This will stop you from doing any type of transaction or making a call likewise receiving a message on this your deactivated listen so once this happened to you what you will like to know next is to deactivate all know how you can activate the deactivated Glo SIM back. 

Follow us to the end of this article to know how you can activate your Glo SIM. 

Type of glo SIM activation

There are several ways that the activation of glo SIM is being rendered which we are going to release or we are going to like you to know about them. 

  • The first one is an activation of new glo SIM
  • Second one is an activation of old glo SIM. 

The activation of your new glo SIM is in such a way that you brought a new SIM card or a new glo SIM card and you decide to activate it for the first time which this can be done by dialing some specific code or you will likely to go through some shop or glo outlet to register the sim before you can now go ahead to activate this your new Glo SIM while by. 

The activation process for your old Glo SIM can be done when your sim is deactivated so if you noticed that your old glo SIM is deactivated there are some things you need to put in place because before it can be activated back we are going to be talking about step by step below. 

How to activate your Glo SIM

The first thing you need to know about is that every specific blows him are my days to carry out some first activation process which is also known to be a registration process that can be done on my glo shop outlet that has been verified for reading sim registration or SIM activation with the process can be done by you providing them some general information or just your NIN which is specified or regulated by the government. 

So once you provide that general information this will allow you to gain access to your Glo SIM and get it activated as you want. 

This process that you are going to be using to activate your glo SIM is a reference to the activation process of your new using me some information or some vital document will be needed for you to make this glo sim activation successful. 


Some of the requirements that you need to make a successful registration or activation of your glo SIM are:

  1. Highly recommended in National Identification Card NIN
  2. Can also put in place some other identification processes by using your driver’s license international passport and a voter’s card. 

Once you get any of these verified cards then you can now visit Gloworld or any or any glo verify shop that is close to your area and get your glo SIM activated or do the registration. 

What is the glo activation code?

The glo activation code is simply the code that we can use to directly activate your new glo SIM which is 125, that you will need to die once you first insert your new glo SIM card to your phone true your phone dialler. 

To activate your Glo SIM using Glo activation code

Your new glo SIM can be activated using the glo activation code by dialing 125.

And make airtime recharge of up to N100 or more to your Glo line

How to activate your deactivated Glo SIM

So this activation process leads the way on how you can activate your old Glo SIM which has been deactivated by Globalcom. 

All you need to do is to follow the steps below so as to get your old deactivated Glo SIM back. 

  1. Goto gloword or any Glo shop registration shop outlet. 
  2. Tell them you want to activate your old Glo sim back. 
  3. Likely you can just inform them that your Glo Sim has been deactivated. 
  4. Go along with a valid means of identification (NIN Recommended, Voters Card, Drivers License) 
  5. You will be asked to provide some other numbers up to 5 that you call frequently on your deactivated him. 
  6. The glo sim pack with which the scene was purchased with so has to verify that you are the actual owner of the SIM. 
  7. And make sure that the same is already loaded with airtime before it was deactivated. 

By following our process provided above and by providing general documents or information or deactivated closing will now be activated back once every data is tallied with the one that is available on glo database. 


People that you land yourself on talk more about how to activate glo SIM which you can pick a reference form with the latest information that you would like to hear in the present year 2022 which will also lead to different kinds of references for educational purposes in the previous or next years that we are about to look into. 


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