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How I Was Able To Order From Aliexpress In Nigeria With This Latest 2023 Method

How I Was Able To Order From Aliexpress In Nigeria With This Latest 2023 Method

This post should seem more or less like a story but it’s not. You should call it an article because I’m going to be staying with you on how to order from AliExpress in Nigeria in 2023 with this latest new method. 

This article will cover every single step that makes me able to carry out my order successfully on AliExpress, one of the leading online shopping platforms. 

Since International transactions have been restricted on most Naira cards, credit cards,s or debit cards, most people are finding it difficult to carry out purchases online on AliExpress. 

This is one of the problems that people are facing we are going to be bringing a final solution too. 

Most people recommend getting a dollar card because most transactions that are carried out on AliExpress are somehow related to dollar transactions. 

And the Naira card restriction that is added to most MasterCard and other ATM cards in Nigeria is the ban on doing dollar transactions on such cards. 

With the process I’m about to share with you right here you don’t need to visit any bank or any of your local cards to request for a dollar card that might be linked to a domiciliary account. 

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With just a little knowledge and a few steps, you should be able to carry out any parties or other for anything on AliExpress. 

Now I’m going to share with you how I was able to carry out orders on AliExpress in Nigeria with this latest 2023 method. 

How To Order From Aliexpress In Nigeria 2023 Method 

As usual, before you can carry out anybody that you know you can be able to purchase anything from AliExpress you will need a credit card or a debit card. 

Because he’s one of the payment methods that AliExpress makes available for their customers whenever they’re trying to purchase anything on their platform. 

That is where the platform called Gotok confirms which is the platform that will be helping us with a card, a visual card, which will help us to carry out any related dollar transaction. 

Apart from making use of the Gotok card on AliExpress, you can as well make use of the visual card that is provided by them to carry out some other related dollar transactions you wish to do in Nigeria. 

The Gotok card is designed to offer you different services from Visa-related cards to MasterCard and others. 

What you need next is how you can actually get this card from the platform and how you can also add money to the card that has been provided by Gotok. 

How To Get a Card From Gotok & Order From Aliexpress In Nigeria 

We have already gathered some information from a specific article provided on our web page which talks more about how to get a gotok card

And some other things you need to know before you can get the card and carry out your order on AliExpress. 

One of the things you need to know about the platform is that they offer you a payment method through a cryptocurrency called BUSD Binance Token because you can find your card through Binance Pay. 

That is one of the things that make the platform much more interesting. You don’t need to carry out any form of dollar exchange once you have the crypto assets on your Binance account

They are different methods that you can use to get the BUSD loaded on your Binance account which involves the peer-to-peer P2P method cash link method and the pattern of method that by not provided for Nigeria to load crypto-related access on the account. 

If you don’t know what Binance is, Binance is one of the leading exchange platforms or crypto exchange platforms that carry out different kinds of cryptocurrency-related transactions ranging from buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and so on and so forth. 

Once you get the load crypto on your by now then you can now proceed to gotok by checking out the article here or proceed to the next step below. 

How To Open A Gotok Account 

Yes, what you need first before you can think of getting the gotok card is by opening our account which can be done on the gotok app. 

  • Download the app by clicking here which will lead you to the appropriate Store. 
  • The app is available for both iOS and Android users. 
  • The link provided above will lead you to stores like Play Store or app store. 
  • Download the app from there and install it on your device. 
  • Open an account with them by providing your email password and some other information. 
  • Then you can think of getting a card from the app once your account is open successfully. 

How To Get A Gotok Card

You can get a gotok card on the first process once you want to fund your gotok account. 

So you will need a requirement which includes. 

  • Funding your Binance Account with BUSD or Have BUSD on your account. 
  • You can get that done by following the tutorial provided on Binance P2P from here
  • Or just go straight by downloading the app different methods that can be used to purchase crypto assets from the Binance app. 
  • Was that done once you have gotten the appropriate amount of BUSD Fund in dollars. 
  • The amount should be tallied with the number of goals that have been added to your cart on AliExpress followed by the specified amount in dollars $. 
  • Then you can now go back to the gotok app. 
  • Click on Create a card or Get a card then you will be asked for some general information. 
  • The information should be processed and provided by you correctly for verification purposes. 
  • Somebody’s info includes your full name, address, phone number, and a valid id card. 
  • And taking a selfie of yourself still down for verification purposes. 
How To Order From Aliexpress In Nigeria 2023 Successfully

After that, your account needs to be verified before you can proceed with the creation of the virtual gotok card. 

How To Create A Gotok Virtual Card And Use To Purchase From Aliexpress 

Where are the final steps you need to follow so as to complete your payment and be able to make use of a valid card to pay for the goods that you order on AliExpress using the Gotok app. 

  • Proceed to the step of creating a card or getting a gotok card. 
  • I want to click on Create a card or Get a card and my account has been gotok verified. 
  • You will be asked to give your card a nickname followed by the type of card is Visa or MasterCard. 
  • After the selection is made, you will be asked for a payment method. 
  • Select the amount you wish to fund which minimum amount you can find your card with is $5.
  • Then you should have made a selection on Binance Pay already because you will be paying with our crypto asset BUSD. 
  • Click on the continue or pay button, you will be redirected to the Binance app to complete and confirm the transaction. 
  • What’s the confirmation is made then you should see the phone present on your account followed by a virtual card you just finished creating.
  • You have just gotten yourself a gotok card that can be used to complete your payment on AliExpress. 
  • You can now pick the details of this card like the card number expiring date and the CVV number fill it in the space that is provided on the AliExpress app once you proceed to checkout your order. 
  • Then your order should be confirmed once the amount is Tally with the number of funds you have on your gotok app. 
How To Order From Aliexpress In Nigeria 2023 Method 

You can use the same process to find your card on Gotok on a regular basis if you wish to carry out any other related dollar transaction. 

And if you don’t get some steps you can check out this particular post on how to get a gotok virtual card provided with a video tutorial. 

That is just how I was able to order from AliExpress in Nigeria with the latest 2023 method. 

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