How Hacker Do Hack Sim And Prevention From Getting Your Sim Hacked 


You probably must have heard of scammers manipulating sim cards of an unsuspecting user to rip them of
valuable information.
The fear of being hacked through your sim card without you being able to stop it is very
worrisome. Worry no more as would provide you with protective information on how to defend
against possible sim card hack.

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In this article we will take you through process on how to prevent such tragedy,  so you won’t be a victim of this dangerous people


There are two possible ways hackers can penetrate your device through your sim card. 


The first method is known as sim hijacker, while the other method is called simswap.

This article will focus on sim card swapping

Simswap is a very sophisticated method that even the personal Twitter account of Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey’s was
hijacked by hackers in August 2019.


How hackers gain access to your sim

Hackers are very trickish, so they would contact your service provider pretending to be the owner of the sim.
They will request for sim card replacement, lying to the operator that they just got a new kind of device
( i.e switching from android to IOS). Convinced by their excuse and personal information provided, the service
provider will provide them with their request.


Having gained access to your device, the hacker now has access to your messages, emails, bank accounts, two-
factor authentication, and many other crucial information relating to your sim card. 


Depending on the type of hack, the hacker may decide to lock you out of your account. This may raise suspicions,
so most hackers prefer to steal your information without locking you out of your account.


How to protect yourself from sim-swap hack

Just as promised will never leave you vulnerable to hackers. For this reason, we won’t only tell you
how you can be attacked, but also how you can protect yourself from such a destructive attack.

  • For your mobile operator to perform the sim sim-swapration as requested by the hacker. He would be required
    to answer some personal questions about the real owner of the sim.
  • Like I earlier said, these hackers are very tricky, so they try to gather as much information about the victim
    through social media platforms, phishing, and various other sources.
  • Be smart and keep your personal information like date of birth, best pet, place of birth, and few other private
    information hidden on social media.
  • Accept friend requests from only people you know or mutual friends. Your private information on social media
    should be limited to the eyes of your friends not the public. 
  • Remember to delete old or unused accounts and lastly, log out of other devices immediately after the session. 
  • Not only social media, but hackers also try to phish your private information through phishing tools. 
  • The best way to prevent this hack is to avoid clicking links from sources you don’t trust, avoid suspicious emails, and be mindful of the site you insert your personal information. 
  • Lastly don’t forget to use a different password for different websites. 

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