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How Can You Be Successful In Playing Dayz?

How Can You Be Successful In Playing Dayz?

DayZ is a genuine, unforgiving, and open-world sandbox game that Bohemia Interactive published as well as developed. When players play this game, they get placed in Chernarus, the fictional post-Soviet Republic. Chernarus is affected by a mysterious plaque, and it has changed most of its people into ferocious infected. The player, as a survivor, needs to hunt for the world of water, weapons, food, and medicine. At the same time, he must be cautious and not get infected. In 2012, the development of DayZ started when Dean Hall, the creator of the mod, joined Bohemia Interactive to commence his job on the standalone variation of this game. 

The necessity of using hacks, cheats, and aimbot

If you play DayZ with aimbot, cheats, and hacks, you can take this game to the next level. Cheats work to lessen the worries that a player might have when he struggles hard to survive till the end. At times, playing DayZ turns out to be a challenging process as no one loves to suffer the frustration of dying constantly and again, beginning from a specific point. To some players, this feeling seems to be sufficient for making them scream. 

If players get to the best sites, they can have several hacks, aimbots, and cheats that would assist them in enjoying this game without being stressed. These sites put an additional effort into ensuring that players remain undetected. And using these cheats, hacks, and aimbots, they can remain ahead of their competitors.

The mission

In DayZ, all the sixty players playing on a server plays for only one mission, and that is to survive by every necessary means. And for survival, players hunt around the huge map that remains dotted with cities and villages. They look for the best weapons and gear in the multiplayer surrounding where they find other live and real players to be playing. Now, unfortunately, if a player dies, he will end up losing all his hard-earned and costly weapons as well as loot. And it can seem to be a massive downer if he has managed to keep himself alive for many days or weeks and has picked up some excellent loot. If players play for a long period, their stakes too will be higher.

Every player fears being caught out and killed by other players, and this feeling becomes real because players do not find good gear and weapons easily. They find the map of DayZ to be a huge one which is why they are required to move from cities and towns where they would get the finest loot. And even if they reach there, they don’t always get the affirmation that they will discover good loot because many times, they find other players to have looted that place before. 

Now, if you wonder about the rules that you should follow while playing DayZ, then you will know that there isn’t any rule. This is what most players think to be like when they get stuck amidst a zombie apocalypse. And here, order, humanity, and society do not work well. Due to this, players do not find zombies to be threatening but other players.

The gameplay

When you begin your life, you spawn along the Chernarus coast randomly, and here, you need to survive on a battery and a flashlight. A town turns into a player’s very first port, and he can always find another one nearby. Hence, he needs to follow the closest railway or road. And after reaching there, he prioritizes drink, food, a melee weapon, and a backpack. Now, after he enters a town and finds all the doors to be open, he assumes that other survivors have cleaned up this place before.

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Discovering the friends

Players can play DayZ alone or with their friends. However, the only issue is they will not be able to teleport to other players. Hence, they will have to remain confined to some orienteering only. For this, they need to use Skype to establish a voice call. Alternatively, they can also utilize Ventrilo or TeamSpeak-like programs. 

The process of navigation

Players use various realistic methods to discover their way close to Chernarus. And if it is night, they utilize the pole star as it helps find out the north direction. Hunt for a compass that you can find easily, and to use it, you should drag it and place it closer to your toolbar. And then, you should arm it before pressing space. And in the last step, enter a 1st-person mode to see the dial. Before you use the compass, check whether or not the compass is ruined because if it turns out to be ruined, you will not get an accurate reading.

Hunger and thirst

Remain hydrated and fed to remain alive while playing DayZ. If you find your hydration levels to be falling, you will begin to lose health and blood and finally die. And this same rule applies to your hunger too. If you consume dry food, such as rice or cereal, you will become thirsty, and to keep yourself hydrated, discover a water pump. Though the majority of the towns have water pumps, you should check on them over and over again to fill up your belly with water.


To explain DayZ, three adjectives are enough; hardcore, uncompromising, and brutal. DayZ is a highly popular game that has been downloaded two million times through Steam, a PC gaming survive. This game makes things tough for the players, which is why death becomes inevitable for them. And the most important thing is they can’t get any over-arching mission, hand-holding, or tutorial that could assist them. 

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