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How Can Whatsapp Admin Delete Message For Everyone

how can whatsapp admin delete message
how can whatsapp admin delete message

Admins can now delete any messages for everyone on a WhatsApp group. Great news for WhatsApp Admins, for a long time we have been anticipating this feature for WhatsApp and now, it’s finally coming. WhatsApp just recently announced the integration of this feature by next year.

Delete any messages for everyone on WhatsApp group.

It doesn’t matter what group, spammers are always lurking around and unless you’re an admin that always leaves the group locked, you’ll always get these spam messages from someone. As we all know, a telegram gives an admin full access to its group and can even delete anybody’s messages or remove a member without anyone noticing. This feature is a setback for WhatsApp as it doesn’t provide the feature on group chats. This is the reason people would rather open a group chat on telegram rather than WhatsApp because telegram gives admins total control of their groups, plus it can contain way more participants compared to Whatsapp.

Now, things are about to change as WhatsApp recently announced the integration of the feature on their app by next year. With the implementation of this feature, Admins don’t have to worry about spam messages anymore as they can easily delete these messages before everyone would notice.

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When is this feature coming up?

There is no specified date as to when this feature will be available. But as mentioned by WhatsApp, this feature will be available by next year.

How do I get this feature on my WhatsApp?

Getting this feature on your WhatsApp when it is finally available will require you to be up to date with the latest version of WhatsApp. Ensure to always keep your WhatsApp updated and when the feature is available, you’ll also get it.

Can I use admin delete whatsapp message feature as a group member?

This feature is only available to group Admins and unless you’re promoted to a group admin, you cannot use this feature. You are only limited to deleting your own messages for everyone.

How do you use this feature?

Well, using this feature cannot be explained now, as no one knows it yet. We have to wait till the release of the feature to know how it can be used.

Do I get notified once the update is available?

Yes, you’ll get notified once this feature is available, ensure that you are subscribed to our telegram channel and once the update is available, we’ll let you know. Click here to subscribe now!.


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