Honor might switch from Kirin processors to mediatek processors


It’s seem to be a rumor but we have just discovered several reasons which might make honor from the Huawei company to switch and ran away from kirin processors to MediaTek processors, it’s entrails to the problem that involves Us government in the removal of Huawei from the global chip suppliers which seems and sound to be a genuine reason for them to switch. 


Kirin chips are said to be used on mid-range premium flagship Huawei phones which Versace in the same cases as honor, it led to the way that Huawei might move to MediaTek chips this time. The Kirin chip might be in great danger since it makes use of United States technology and other US Tech. 


It also seems that there won’t be an end to the problem that China and The US are facing within each other, because the trade ban that was put on the Huawei company is at a disadvantage and getting rare. Was also said that the Huawei chairman has already broken his silence over United State rule. We were hoping before that maybe Huawei might find a way to bypass the US companies that brought about the ban of Huawei which up till now,  nothing seems to have been done and the situation is getting worse. 


It seems nothing can be done unless the US government brings restrictions to their rules so that Huawei can know what to do next or they should just be on their own for now. 


Yes it seems there is no final say yet but it seems honor will take advantage of Mediatek for now till further notice. And also the idea of Huawei company being alone is also possible which can be carried out at any time. 


It was also said that the latter brings supply to the 5G chips to a huge audience and the recently announced Huawei Enjoy Z that runs on MediaTek chip which implies the company might be following their way to it. 


And it also seems there are plenty of suppliers of the Mediatek chip in China which they can decide to go with domestic companies in the aspect of technology and other components supplications. 


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