Your Device Might Got Hacked If You Are Part Of The People That Use LinkedIn To Do This

Hacker on LinkedIn

It has been stated and notified that Hackers are using different ways to gain access into people’s devices that make use of LinkedIn in such a way that they will send some sophisticated campaign to the person they are targeting breaking in with some virus known as Trojan. 

Remember once a hacker gains access to your device that all for you for most hackers out there is blackhat which they most make damage either to your device or to you financially or physically which is work that blackhat hackers do mostly Hack devices and gain advantages of them. 

Hacker Are Using LinkedIn To Gain Access To Their Target Devices 

In summary, it was stated that they are using the influence of people that are looking for jobs on LinkedIn which they will provide you with a fake offer they will contain some trojan virus which they will send to your device and use such virus as on back-door provided on your device. 

So if you are one that usually uses LinkedIn to seek jobs it’s better you read this article to the end so that you can know how this works and how they plan to hack into you. 

As you all know due to the pandemic and look down in most countries the rate at which people run to seek for jobs online as high which most people were unable to attend to their daily job due to the pandemic, so the rate at which people seek for jobs and business opportunities view LinkedIn got high. 

That leads to some groups of hackers that will allow them to send them fake job or business offers just to get their backdoor code placed on the job seekers’ devices and ready for hacking. 

Accounting to report as researchers under the cybersecurity aspects, hackers have been using some sophisticated ways to target the job seekers’ devices. 

It was further said that this group of hackers has been using fake job offers to target professional business entrepreneurs so that they can gain access to some data on their device and are ready to take control of anything using the malware they send. 

The remote code which executes with the target device now and once the malware executes it grants the hacker access to send, receive, and even delete anything they want without the target knowledge can be done either on your Pc or computers like phone devices. 

Researchers stated that this hacker is in a large group that is connected to some hackers named Golden chickens, as it was said. 

How Do They Carry Out Their Operation With The LinkedIn Users (Target)? 

To identify such acts they operate in such a way that they will send their target a message. 

Which the message will be directly sent to their target and the write-up will be informed of the job offer. 

So the job offers write-up use to come with some attachment file which the attached file is informed of a .zip file. 

Zip files are files that are compressed and ready for extraction before the user can access such files. 

It’s this file that will grant access to a hacker to hack into your device, which the zip file is attached to with hidden malware. 

It was stated furthermore that hackers use their own business name to name the malware that is attached to the job offer which they send to their targets. 

That is always positioned at the end of the zip file, the virus known as the Trojan virus. 

It’s a back-door Trojan virus that is also called more_egg which is a code written to create a way for hackers to gain access to such people’s devices that this code also creates ways for other Trojan viruses once it’s been executed. 

sSentire stated that the group of hackers called the golden chicken are not entitled to this hacking that they are just in the position of selling a product which is the malware (MaaS)  that is used to perform the hacking from other hackers. 

How To Stop And Avoid This Attack

It was stated that you should always keep an eye on any files that are being sent to you once a job offer has been sent. 

That malware can be sent in the form of anything attached to any .zip file which might lead ways to the hacking and word used to name does malware-related files are mostly in form with incorrect spelling or spellings errors. 

And in some cases, if this job offer seems to be good and well presented to you, then it’s advisable to ignore such an offer and don’t open a .zip file attached with any message. 

It’s better to be safe than getting what will come to destroy your ways when trying to get something new to be safe out there. 

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