Google’s new group working on blockchain under Google labs

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Google labs now have a small team working on blockchain and blockchain-related technologies. Just a few months back, Google introduced a new group focused on working on huge projects like augmented reality(AR).

Google’s new group working on blockchain under Google labs

Google is always more about innovations. They have been working tirelessly for years on projects that’ll make human lives and Internet usage better. Over the years, Google has accomplished a lot and is still working towards providing more innovations.


Google has been able to acquire a lot of companies over the years. Although it’s no news that Google tracks its user’s activity, most of the data obtained for this are used to improve users’ experience and make analyses to improve Google services (though some are used to tailor the perfect ads to you). With almost all android devices coming with more Google products pre-installed in them, we can expect Google to be one of the most used services in the world. And they are set to keep that record as they always remain updated. Recently, Google organized a group that’ll be able to work on long-term projects like Augmented Reality(AR). And just recently Google Labs are working on building a Blockchain and also technologies that’ll help with data storage and distribution.

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“Shivakumar Venkataraman” has been chosen to handle the project, he is an engineering vice president that has previously worked on “payment systems” and “advertising agencies”.

It was noted according to a source that “units working on the blockchain is relatively small compared with Google’s other product areas”. From this, it can be noticed that this project is more focused on the core needs of the company rather than for the clients. The technology can help Google save more on storage and as well make data distribution more seamless.

Google’s head of commerce has revealed that the company is “Looking into cryptocurrencies” but has no current news on whether Google’s payments system will accept it as a means of transaction.

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