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Glo Free Call 2022 – Glo Free Call 2023

Glo Free Call 2022

Here is another free tip for you on Glo which is what I call the Glo free call 2022 that also features the year 2023 which we are going to be talking about in this article. 

We call it Glo free call 2023 because it’s going to be working for you from the moment when you discover this article till January 2023 so if you love yourself and this page then just get the kind of knowledge you need to get about the free call. 

This is more or less like a glo free call cheat or simply not just a cheat is just a normal free call that you can make use of respectively as a Glo subscriber on any other kind of plan. 

It doesn’t matter about any kind of glo plan or Glo tariff plan that you are in like glo berekete and others it works for any new customer as well as you have an active Glo SIM. 

About Glo Free Call 2022

As it sounds in your ear, free call attaches with glo which will allow you to make free calls on your glo line in 2022 respectively, that is why you here or call it glo free call 2022.

So if you are one that you have been looking for the 20 22 or 2023 processes that you can use to make calls on your line then here is actually what you need. 

Just try to grab the knowledge to the end. Read this article from the beginning to the end so as to know what you need to do to get the glo free call activated on your line. 

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Why Is It Called Glo Free Call 2023?

It’s being called glo free call 2023 because it started working from the month of November and we stopped working till January 2023.

So we have the glo free call started working in the month of November 2022 and it should stop working if possible in 2023.

So that is the major reason why it is being called for both years. 

Requirements For The Glo Free Call

The requirements that you actually need so as to make the glo free call work for you are. 

  • Get yourself an active Close SIM card either new or old. 
  • Sure you don’t have any active time on the glo line. 
  • Then stay patient and read this article to the end. 

Once you get the requirements then you can follow up with the activation process below to move ahead to the next one. 

How To Activate The Glo Free Call 2022 On Your Glo Network 

  1. Get your glo SIM card and go ahead to die any call in this way. 
  2. By adding 777 to the beginning of every number you want to call on your glo line. 
  3. For Example 7770806768891 then you dial the number and it should go through. 
    Glo Free Call 2023
  4. In summary, you just have to add 777 to the 11-digit number you want to call before you make the call. 
  5. That should activate the glo free call on your line which just needs to keep following up the process. 

So you just need to keep using the same strategy for any type of number you want to call whenever you want to make a call with your glo network. 

That’s just how the glo free call 2023 or 20 22 works. 

When Will The Glo Free Call 2023 Stop Working? 

To our discovery and the knowledge that we have about this glo free call, it was stipulated that is going to end towards January 2023 as we mentioned above. 

You can keep making free calls on your glo line today or attack when you know about it. 

So what are you waiting for if you don’t have glo sim before you can now visit any other glo shop outlets out there so as to be part of the person that will enjoy the free call. 


Every piece of information that you get in this article is generally for educational purposes for we are not in anyways promoting or dishing out any related glo free call stuff, 

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