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Glo 10GB For 1000 (Code & Complete Activation Process) 

Glo 10GB For 1000

If you have been looking for Glo cheap or available data plan where there is one for you which is the glo 10GB for 1000 naira, if you want to know about the activation process we should trigger the code. 

The process we are going to be talking about is how to get the Glo 10gb for 1k,  and how you can get it to browse with your smartphone device, computer, or laptop. 

It might not look real to you anymore. Eventually, there is a process that you can use to get this glo cheap data plan. 

About The Glo 10GB For 1000

The glo 10gb for 1000 is more honest like a bundle or data plan that is set aside for Glo users. 

This is said not to be a trick tip for free browsing cheat that is needed for you to know about. 

It is more or less like a data plan that is available manually for glo users, and it’s also saying that there is another related data plan that can get you 20GB of data for just 2,000.

If you know about the glo YouTube Plan earlier then this might not seem news to you because this is what our plan has been Triggered from this YouTube Plan relatively. 

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Is normal to be a YouTube Plan that we are still talking about 10gb for 1000. Yes, it’s only like a YouTube Plan but you can still browse around with it with your major browser and other applications on your device. 

Very soon we will be looking into how to get below 1000 for 1000 but we will consider you getting me a requirement to make you activate this plan on your glo line. 

It is more or less like a special deal that can bring you 10 GB for 1000 and as low as 5 GB for 500 which you can learn more about below. 


  • Active glo SIM should be loaded with an amount of airtime 1000 or 1 k. 
  • Download The Glo application which is called Glo Cafe which can be gotten from your app store or Play store. 
  • The turning device of the tunnel VPN that we are going to be using to power up the YouTube plan is called Potato VPN which can also make curtains from the Play Store. 
  • Then you cannot follow up with the instruction below that can help you activate a glo 10 gigabyte YouTube Plan. 

How To Activate The Glo 10GB For 1000 Without Using Code

The process that we are going to be using to get the 10gb for 1000 or the process that we’re going to be using to activate the data plan will not need the help of code.

For it will be digitized with the help of the glo application that is called glo cafe app. 

Now let’s get to the process. 

  1. After you install the app on your device through your app store or Play store, open it. 
  2. Try to log in with your glo phone number that is active. 
  3. Recharge your glo line with 1k amount of airtime as we mentioned earlier. 
  4. Now on the app’s main menu select the button that is tagged by data. 
    Glo 10GB For 1k
  5. Ancillae social plan screw Down Below from the social plan section look for YouTube plans. 
  6. Tab on it and subscribe for the 10GB data plan which costs 1000.
    Glo 10GB For 1000
  7. After the subscription is done or the activation process is completed and you see that you have gotten the data. 
  8. You can now close the floor up and return to the potato VPN
  9. Before you do anything on the weekend make sure you turn on your glo network or mobile network. 
  10. Then click on the connect button on potato which should help you tunnel the glo 10gb YouTube plan that can be gotten for just 1000 naira. 

How To Browse All Websites With The Glo 10GB Youtube Plan 

He doesn’t set aside that the data plan glo 10gb is just a YouTube Plan or social plan that is set aside for streaming video on your YouTube app. 

But with the help of tunnel VPN like potato VPN, you will be able to browse all websites with the Glo 10gb for 1000 data plan. 

Which is one of the most interesting parts of how you can get affordable or cheap data plans on your glo network. 

So if you have been looking for ways how to browse websites with the Glo 10 GB YouTube Plan then this is the appropriate way. 

Just download the potato vpn from your store or app store. 

Open the VPN and click on the connect button which should connect after its signal and internet connection. That’s when you turn on the mobile network on your device. 

If you have anything you can add to this article you can let us know in the comments section. 

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