GitHub Seems To Take Down Youtube Download Tools

Github Youtube Download Tools

It was said to be in the form of an argument that after the RIAA Recording Industry Association Of America noticed that GitHub took down the youtube download tools which the tools are meant for the circumvent the privacy prevention of the YouTube measurements.


Was also brought to the notice that you won’t be able to find the code that leads to the YouTube DL,  which is said to be one of the most popular tools that are mostly used and can be used to download video from youtube platform. Was also brought to notice that one of the public knowledge legal direct explains such situations on Twitter.


Some Explanation About The YouTube Download Tool Removal On Github

John Bergmayer is the public knowledge legal director that explained this on Twitter. This implies that when you visit the page that leads to the youtube download tool link instead of you should get the link you will be provided with the notice of DMCA reports which make them take it down.


But John Bergmayer explained that the letter is not exactly what we know as the DMCA notice to take down to the extent of the code Github posted on the page which is now said to be an empty page for now.


The DMCA Report is said to be added just because Microsoft owned the code that is hosting the platform to take them down after they get a report which is legal from the RIAA ( Recording Industry Association Of America )


In simple words, it just seems as if the youtube download tools source code violates the rules or law of the copyright, The section of the law is said to be Section 1201 of the US copyright law which applies to the youtube download tool and it’s illegal.


However, it was viewed and seen on the Twitter page that most of the tool lovers said something about this action which some of them said most people do not use the youtube download tool for copyright or piracy or others rather use it to achieve some important video from youtube and some related stuff.


But still there request not yet still put into other as of today.


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