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GB Instagram v5.3 Apk Download Latest Version 2022 For Android & iOS

GB instagram Apk

You might have been searching for where to download the latest GB Instagram v 5.3 apk for your android devices with 2022 version which comes with the best feature right?  Don’t worry again for you will be provided with ways on how you can download your GBInstagram on this artist and for those that don’t know about the apk we will also put into consideration for you to know something about the app. 

As you all know we have different kinds of WhatsApp with mod features that are extraordinary that the main WhatsApp like Gbwhatsapp, found WhatsApp, yo WhatsApp, and more, Gb Instagram is designed to provide you with related features which will allow you to enjoy some interesting features whenever you are on Instagram let’s talk about it more below. 

What is GB Instagram? 

In simple words, Gbinstagram or GB Instagram is just a modified version of the main Instagram that we all know about but was specifically designed to help you with some amazing features that you will to Partake or make use of on Instagram which the main Instagram does not have respectively. 

The developer of this app gbinstagram is now out with another latest version 5.3 which is said to be one of the versions provided in recent days of 2022 if am not mistaken you can get to know more about this app below. 

What Brought About GB Instagram Apk? 

You might be wondering why the developer thinks of bringing up something like gbinstagram right? But did you know that the main Instagram does not allow you to download something like images, video, and some other files from the app with the help of gb Instagram you will be able to do all that directly without using any third-party app. 

Not only that it’s also come with some amazing features that you will like to know about and make use of whenever you are Instagram, as we all know  Instagram is one of the most popular social media out there which most people make use of on daily basis to server their fans or follower with content like images and video respectively but you might not notice that you have been restricted from some features. 

Gb Instagram will help you unlock features with the latest apk ready for you to download for free. As we said earlier some people make use of third-party apps to get images downloaded to their phone or device. 

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But still, find it somehow stressful or does not trust most app dues to some issue they might be facing when using it not to worry any more app like Gbinsta got you cover with this that can help you get your images to download or video like other related files too. 

I think you know why they came up with GB Instagram right, let’s move the folder. 

Am I Safe From Using Mod Instagram (Gbinstagram) 

Yes, gbinstagram is a mod version of Instagram but with different features attached to it and you are safe from using it for you will be provided with your main Instagram features plus other related features which we will list below. 

General, it’s modified which the GB Instagram Apk provides you with some alternative features just like getting a premium app or premium mod version of an app that will allow you to have full control of the app respectively. 

Instagram is one of the top leading social media apps that does not allow users to download images or videos that are posted by individuals unless by you screenshots from your phone and edit to your test which most people don’t like or fund. 

Most especially it feels time-consuming and the image or video you take the screenshot or screen record of might take or reduce its quality so most people find it discouraging in using the screenshots features. 

You might be thinking that what brought of the gbinstagram only is just the image and video save features but not only that with the help of the gb Instagram apk you will be able to do more but you will only notice that when you download it yourself or learn about the features of the apk below. 

Basic Features Of GB Instagram Apk 

  • The first thing you should know is that it enables you to download any image or video directly to your device. 
  • Enable to upload videos from third-party platforms. 
  • Language translator features are available. 
  • Allows users to copy each other’s comments. 
  • Your conversation will be marked with a star. 
  • Have the same features and more with the latest Instagram
  • Enable users to take image screenshots. 
  • Users can hide from the viewer of people’s stories. 
  • Allow users to stop drag from the left or right of the app. 
  • Enable users to copy links directly, copying of other stuff like images and video are also allowed. 
  • Instagram font and theme can be changed to your own test. 
  • Allow users to zoom images anyhow they want. 
  • Can play audio and video anytime using gbinstagram. 
  • Copyright of any text such as description and other text available is allowed. 
  • Root and Unroot users can make use of the app. 
  • Dapp such as dual app Instagram users is allowed. 
  • With some other amazing features. 

Actually, they have been different kinds of mod Instagram on the internet most specifically Google which you can find more there like GBinsta, OGinsta plus and more but this GB Instagram is one of the ones we recommend for you to download and use if you are thinking of making use of third-party Instagram to get some other amazing features. 

Download GB Instagram Apk Latest Version 

You should know what you are downloading, but we know something will come into your mind whether this apk is safe or not.  Well, you should know that it’s someone that came about GBwhatsapp and some other related mod WhatsApp that you might find out there. 

So a related developer came up with this apk Gbinstagram that allows you or offers you to use some other features which you can download for free below. 

App NameGbinsta / Gb Instagram 
Version v5.3
Update DateToday
Download Size40.8MB
Compatible Devices Android 4 upwards

Yes you might have downloaded the apk now on your android devices which the gb Instagram seems to be an unlocked version of Instagram and it’s also called Instagram mod apk, it was found to be one of the trading topics on the internet. 

Most people like to have one of their devices either Android or iOS but we will be providing you with android gbinta respectively,  so if you have not downloaded yours kindly download it above and get to know or enjoy some news from the Instagram mod apk through gb Instagram apk for free. 

How To  Install GB Instagram Apk On Android 

This process of installation of this gbinstagram is for android users which you might talk about later, but I hope you have read about the features of this apk above the GB Instagram for android which is one of the most important things you should do before you go ahead and install this app. 

The latest version of the apk was just released recently and is now ready for download free. The latest updates are rolled out just like how you get updates about any latest mod WhatsApp like Yo WhatsApp, FMwhatsapp, And GBwhatsapp plus other related WhatsApp that are available on the internet. 

Now we talk about the installation process of the Gbinsta. 

  • After you download the apk from the download button. 
  • Before you begin the installation, make sure you have enabled an unknown source for your app to install. 
  • This is what we talk about mostly whenever you want to install any third-party or unknown source app that is not recognized by the Google play store. GB instagram apk for android
  • To do so go to your phone or android phone settings, under-setting loom for security. 
  • Then under security settings find the unknown source option and enable it. GB Instagram apk
  • Just by a toggle on the button, now go back to the app you downloaded. GBinstagram
  • Click on it to begin installation and follow the prompt page to start. 
  • Once it’s installed you can now open the app and start making use of your GB Instagram apk by singing. 

That’s just how to install Gb Instagram apk on android, with successful installation you have just unlocked some premium features of Instagram by using the Instagram mod apk or what we called GBinsta. 

The app is secure if you know or you have been making use of GBwhatsapp you should not worry about all that because it’s mod and designed by a developer that developed WhatsApp too so download, install and enjoy making use of some amazing features on gb Instagram. 

How To Install GB Instagram Apk On iOS

We found out that the rate at which people make use of iOS nowadays is getting higher so people always ask for ways to get what is eligible for android users on iOS too, so we will be talking about a 50/50 chance of getting GBinstagram to install on iOS. Which means it’s might work and might not work on some of your own iOS devices such as the iPhone. 

So if you feel like you want to make use of this app gb Instagram on your iOS follow the steps that we are about to explain below. 


make sure you uninstall the main Instagram app before carrying out any of the processes listed below. 
  • Open Tweakboxapp websites on your safari app which is available for iOS instagram apk for iOS 
  • Once you get to the webpage download and install the app using the link provided on the page. 
  • Make sure you allow all permission to get it downloaded. 
  • After you have downloaded the app, now go to your iOS phone setting. 
  • Go to general settings and click on profile settings next page. how to install GBinstagram for iOS
  • Find the tweakboxapp and click on install that is provided on the page. 
  • After the installation is completed go to your iPhone home page. 
  • Open the tweakboxapp and click on apps, find the tweaked apps, and hit on it. 
  • On the list of the app provided for you will be Instagram Rocke which is represented to be GB Instagram. 
  • Click on it and find the install button, install it and let it download completely. 
  • After it has downloaded you can now go to your iPhone homepage and open the Instagram rocket which is our GBinsta. 
GB instagram apk for iOS

The issue you might be facing once you install any third-party app on your iOS devices is you will be restricted from using it, which is what most people face for you to enjoy such features. You can just get it done on your android devices and not iPhone. 

It will be better for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of this mod Instagram you are making use of or which you are making use of already. Let’s talk about it below. 

Advantage And Disadvantage Of GB Instagram 

Knowing the advantage or disadvantages of this GBinstagram does not stop you from making use of it. That’s if you feel like, which just feel it’s better if you know what you should know about respectively. 

Advantage Of GBinstagram

  • Enable you to download images and videos plus other files directly. 
  • You can view people’s stories without them noticing on Gbinsta just like gbwhatsapp. 
  • Allow you to check and know who is following you from their profile. 
  • Enable you to download any story you view or not. 
  • Copying of text, links, and image videos is allowed. 

Some other advantages are also available which we can’t talk about all respectively. 

Disadvantage Of GB Instagram 

The main disadvantage of GBinstagram or this Instagram mod is that it is not officially provided by the instagram owner, so this risk is yours when you make use of them. 

Speed and timely usage process are a bit slower than the. The main version of Instagram but still can be used in your own text. 

Let’s look at some comparison of both app GBinstagram Vs Instagram 

GB Instagram Vs Instagram Comparison 

What we mean by their comparison is what one can do and the other can not, so look into yourself and tell us if we are correct about it below. 

Comparison Gbinstagram Instagram 
Sending Of Files X
Copy TexX
Following ViewsX
Copy ImageX
Copy PostX

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Of GBinstagram

Gbinstagram Is Free To Use

The answer to this question is yes, for it’s just a mod version of instagram that does not add any premium features. 

GB Instagram Safe To Download And Use

Yes, it’s safe to use likewise you will get it downloaded from a safe site with any virus or malware that will lead to an attack on your device. 

Is The App Approved For Usage

The answer to this seems unquestionable, for the app gbinstagram is mod by another developer which we can answer if it’s enabled or you are allowed to use it by the main Instagram owner.

Download GB Instagram 5.3

GBInstagram v5.3 Apk

Download GB Insta 5.3

GBInsta v5.3 Apk


I hope you have been able to download the latest version of GB instagram apk from this article, for you are provided with the latest version of the app. 

Whenever an update is added to the app you will be notified of that on this article or post to get the latest download link that will be always available to serve and provide you with what you want. 
If you love to see related Mod apk then don’t exist to always follow us and also join our telegram channel to get fast updates or any of this GB instagram or GBinsta like mod WhatsApp are also available for free download.

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