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First Touch Soccer 2024 (FTS 24) Apk OBB Data Download Offline 

First Touch Soccer 2024 (FTS 24) Apk OBB Data

You are on this particular page to download the latest version of the game First Touch Soccer 2024 if you proceed further you should be able to download the FTS 24 APK OBB data file which you can play the game offline mode for free. 

The game first Touch Soccer 2024 or fts 24 is the latest version or updated version of the previous game first Touch Soccer 2023 which is also available here on the Alitech blog. 

This latest version of the game comes with a new transfer and the latest season date of this particular soccer game that you are also about to look into and get a new experience from the game. 

First Touch Soccer 2024 FTS 24

Long awaited anticipated game is not available, the first Touch Soccer 2024 with a new virtual football experience that will suit the imagination that you might have when playing any soccer game. 

Fts 24 or 2024 is a new technology in the gaming sector that has brought more advanced features to a soccer game or mobile soccer game. 

You can now start playing the game in offline mode once you get all the files that are attached to it like the first Touch Soccer 2024 Apk OBB Data files. 

If you get to see and play the game with unimaginable gameplay which will capture your attention fully, it is also better to look into the features of the game before you can think of downloading it. 

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Basic Features OF First Touch Soccer 2024

  • Updated player face looking more realistic. 
  • Advance and enhance gameplay mode. 
  • Enlargement of the game mode. 
  • All the football league teams and players are licensed. 
  • Feature update with all the community engagement. 
  • Updated and latest player transfer mode. 

Brief Talk On FTS 24 Features 

When we talk about the realistic mode of the game First Touch Soccer 2024 the developers of this particular game have made it operative to suit their player or user experience. 

The fts 2024 now comes with some real player faces and some other features like stadiums being bored to look more real with the best graphics whenever you are playing the game. 

It comes with some outstanding animation that looks more physical like the one you see in real life which might seem like you are giving your favorite football star instruction using the game controller. 

The gameplay mode of this particular game, first Touch Soccer 2020 3 that has been set aside for Android users is outstanding,  in which the game developer has put all words they guard to make the player movement looks amazing even when they are in physical mode whenever they handle the ball. 

The tactical mode of action of the game is more responsive that should suit your experience whenever you are trying to dribble and do all the football skills. 

The artificial intelligence that has been set aside for this game helps a lot which also helps in controlling your opponent and making the game match without any other challenges due to the kind of strategies that the AI makes use of. 

The single-player campaign can be captive due to the kind of gameplay mode which the first Touch Soccer 2024 mobile game is now designed with. 

You can now lead your favorite club on the 80s 24 and make customization to them in the kind of way that suits you that also supports multi-season features. 

The manager mode of the game will allow you to build your own team and develop it with the transfer features and training player features. 

Which can determine how you are going to win any particular game in any tournament you are in. 

It also comes with online multiplayer mode features which can be used to compete with different kinds of people and friends around the globe. 

You can either create your own tournament or just look into a head-to-head play matchup. 

The game-updated transfer or season transfer has been made to the recent one 2023/2024 which means you should now see your favorite parent players on their new clubs. 

. Like now having Lion Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on the new team which includes interim Miami and Al Nassr. 

And one of the other top strikers Karim Benzema just moved to the Saudi Pro League under the club Al-Etihad. 

The latest transfer update on this particular game fts 24 should also feature the transfer that has been made on the Jude Billingham to Real Mandir. 

And some other players have also been transferred during the transfer market. 

Download First Touch Soccer 2024 FTS 24 Apk + OBB + Data 

Game NameFirst Touch Soccer 2024
Other NameFTS 24
Dev First Touch Inc
Download Size360MB

Download Here

How To Install First Touch Soccer 2024 Mobile 

You can also proceed to make use of the process that we use to install fts 23 which also comes with all the files like the APK OBB and data files. 

But if you still don’t get it then you can use the steps procedure and precautions we are about to share with you below. 

  • Once you have downloaded three files from the download page above (APK, OBB & Data). 
  • Then you will need a mover file extractor like the Zachiever file manager app. 
  • Go ahead to extract the zip file you just downloaded. 
  • Then you will need to install fts 24 APK and don’t open it. 
  • Proceed to move the obb file to the appropriate folder Android/OBB. 
  • Same applies to the data file. 
  • Then you can now go ahead to open the game and start playing it Straight forward. 

Final Say

First Touch Soccer 2024 is the updated version of the game First Touch Soccer 2023 which you are now presented with the modified version on the stage. 

While the official mobile version of the game fts 24 is not yet released, once it is released you will be notified on our major social Media platform. 


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  1. Please there is no separate obb and data and apk files in the download button. Just one download file. Should we download just the only file?

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