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Fifa 21 Mod Fifa 14 Lite Android Offline Download 800MB Best Graphics

Fifa 21 Mod Fifa 14 Lite Android Offline 800MB

Are you looking or have been searching for where to download Fifa 21 game or to download the free version and offline game of Fifa 21 then you will be provided with Fifa 21 Mod Fifa 14 Lite android version with the best graphics HD quality offline download link with just 800MB. 

Fifa 21 is one of the best soccer or football mobile games or android games out there which most gamers love to have on their device so that they can plan whenever they are not with their console or other ways of playing soccer or football games on mobile with the console or laptop games. 

Once again in this article, we will be providing you with the latest Fifa 21 Mod FIFA 14 android offline game with the best graphics and 800MB download space HD quality. 

Basic And Latest Features Of The Fifa 21 Mod

  • Jersey and kits have been updated to the latest ones for 2020 and 2021.
  • The download size is just 800MB with a single link.
  • HD quality graphics that make the game look realistic.
  • Crash and bug have been fixed on this latest version of the FIFA 21 mod.
  • Players’ faces have been upgraded and made look real.
  • The transfer of season has been added fully.
  • Squad rating and age have been fixed.
  • The gameplay has been renewed.
  • Faces have been renewed.
  • Ballas has also been renewed.
  • Scoreboard was renewed also.
  • France Ligue one is added.
  • Added features like formation and position.
  • The latest background and display added.
  • UCL League added.
  • UEL is available likewise. 

Some other best features available you will find on the game once you’ve downloaded and installed the game successfully. 

How To Download Fifa 21 Mod Fifa 14 Android Offline Game

  1. Several download links will be provided below.
  2. Each download link contains both the Apk+obb+data of the Fifa 14 mod offline game.
  3. Each download link will consume 800MB worth of storage and data.
  4. Pick from anyone either from the Mediafire download link or the Google drive download link.
  5. And last the Mega drive download link.
  6. You are to download and pick just one download link. 

How To Install Fifa 21 Mod Offline Game With Apk+OBB+Data

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the game from the download link provided below.
  2. It will be in a zip file which will need a file extractor to extract the zip file.
  3. Download zip achiever or es file explorer which will be used to extract the zip file you just downloaded.
  4. Click here to download es file explorer if you don’t have one installed already.
  5. If you have already opened the es file explorer and located the FIFA 21 mod you just downloaded.
  6. Long press the file and find the extract option button from the options menu.
  7. The extract the file once you extract it you will find three things inside the file.
  8. The game Apk, OBB, And The Data file.
  9. Install the FIFA 21 mod apk after installation you will be provided with a place to paste the OBB file and data file.
  10. The OBB folder containers can be found on your folder file manager name android.
  11. After the files have been placed correctly you can now start playing and enjoy playing your game. 

Mediafire Download Link

Google Drive Download link 

Mega drive download link

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What are your thoughts about this game? 

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